Project garden update.

Monday, April 28, 2014

So things have been a little slow with project garden. Mainly because I've not had much time to get anything done. But while I've been slack nature has been rather busy. The tree has started to bloom, my lily bloomed and yesterday morning I noticed that the fuchsia had started to bloom tiny little buds.  

But yesterday morning we headed to the carboot where I picked up a little pot of daisies and then in the afternoon I sat down  and ordered some seeds (with some help from my mum). As soon as they arrive I can get started hopefully they will be here by the weekend.

My plans are to grow as much from seed as possible but I will probably buy the odd plant here and there especially when they are only 50p! I'm planning to fill my garden with pots of pretty flowers.

So helpfully next garden update I'll have some more progress. I'm hoping that the garden will be looking a lot better by then.

Do you have any gardening posts? I'd love to see them.

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