The garden project - part one.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Yesterday my Mum and I spent the day in the garden. We donned our wellies and spades and started on project garden. When we moved into the house last year we moved in too late to really start work on the garden so we decided that we would just let everything grow but keep on top of it making sure everything was tidy.  My Mum suggested that we then tackle it in the Spring. Which I guess brings us to now. 

I decided that I would share this project not only because I like to share things with you  but because there seems to be a real lack of gardening on blogs and some of the gardening blogs I have found are not the best when you are a beginner! I'm the first to admit I am clueless when it comes to gardening. That is why I invited my Mum over (good old mum) . She's knows her weeds from her wildflowers and I'm going to share her knowledge with you and hopefully I'll pick up some things on the way!

Yesterday we just wanted to get everything tidied up and ready for the warmer days when I can start planting and filling up my garden with flowers. This was easier said than done. The previous tenants did not make our job easy.

The previous tenants decided they would make a pond from a old butler's sink (it would be amazing if we could get it out and clean it up). Which would be wonderful if they had some sort of drainage. But no, it didn't. The water had become stagnant and filled with leaves. It was truly disgusting but my Mum got stuck in and cleared it out for me (see photos below) it is as disgusting as it looks. I'm planning to use it as a bed for flowers which will look a hell of lot better than mouldy water

The other challenge was the gravel and stone in the garden. We can't get rid of it all but my Mum has suggested some plants that will like the terrible soil so hopefully I can get some plants in. We found so many bricks buried in the soil that will come in handy for standing pots. Some of the bricks are in a sunburst and once we have uncovered all of them it will look lovely!

The other problem, was that the lovely previous tenants decided that instead of using the proper lining for gravel they used standard bin liners which were decomposing in the soil and preventing anything from growing. So we pulled those up too. 

The last photo shows the progress we made yesterday but I know that there is still a long long way to go until I can put my feet up and enjoy a pretty garden. Getting into a hot bubble bath was godsend after all the hard work.
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  1. Really loving this :) Gardening is something I'd love to get into one day (when we have a garden!). My parents are mad on it and find it really relaxing. It's great exercise too! Looking forward to seeing the progress you make.

    Chloe x

  2. Oh when I get my hands on a house my garden will be all over my blog that's for sure!

  3. Can't wait to see how this develops! It will look amazing in the summer x

  4. Oooo lovely looking forward to see what you do with your garden!xxxx

  5. Enjoy it! I'd do anything for a garden. It'll look fab this time next year in spring bloom.

    1. I shall. I'm hoping it will look good for summer :)

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this project. I don't have a garden myself but I do like watching the transformation of things into beauty :)


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