A Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

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Yesterday was just lovely. We spent the day with the Mr's family. We, my sister in law and I, started off the morning with a spot of baking and sweet making. We made some salted caramel sweets (which will be on the blog very soon) and then we went on to make a chocolate tart, which will also be on the blog soon too! That took up all of the morning and we only stopped once for a break whilst we were waiting for the pastry to chill. We had a quick look through Christmas magazines and the Christmas books that I've borrowed from the library which I am planning on reviewing, if you were thinking of buying some a recipe book for Christmas I'll let you know which one I think is the best. I stopped for lunch and a quick sit down before tidying up all the mess. Isn't that the worst bit about baking? I don't enjoy tiding up all the mess at all. 

I spent the afternoon reading a few blog posts and pinning a few food styling ideas, Pinterest is becoming a real addiction recently. I photographed the tart which wasn't quite set by then but we had to leave to visit the Mr's mum. Driving with a not quite set tart is rather difficult. I felt every single bump of that car journey but after a few hours in the fridge it set beautifully.

We arrived to a house full, which was only half of the family and after a few cups of tea we decided to go and get fish and chips for dinner. I then dished up the chocolate tart which went down really well, I will definitely be making it again. 

After dessert we headed out to the garden to light the sparklers, me being me photographed them instead of having ago! We called it a day and headed home.It was such a lovely afternoon and one of those ones that make you feel all cosy inside.

Today my plans involve work (boo!) and then off to my Mum's for a roast dinner!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday! How have you spent your weekend?

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  1. I love baking but agree, the aftermath of tidying is definitely the worst part! I will look forward to the recipes though. Sounds like a lovely Saturday to me :)


    1. It is isn't it! Hope you enjoyed the recipes :)


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