Bonfire Bark.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

bonfire, bark, recipe, food, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, chocolate, popcorn, marshmallow

bonfire, bark, recipe, food, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, chocolate, popcorn, marshmallow

bonfire, bark, recipe, food, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, chocolate, popcorn, marshmallow

First of all I apologise for the awful photographs. That's what happens when you leave it a little bit late and the winter evenings start at half three. I ran out of light and ideas but hopefully you can see past that! 

Second of all a massive Happy Birthday to my sister! The best thing about her birthday growing up was that she wasn't a big fan of birthday cake and we all know that I am. So I would eat 75% of the cake! It was a great combination that worked in my favour haha!

Happy Bonfire night! It's funny how we celebrate a man who tried to blow up parliament, I can still remember learning about it at school.I do love bonfire night. There's something so cosy about watching fireworks, preferably from inside. I have a bit of a fear to be really close to them. I remember we went camping when I was little and they had a massive fireworks display. You had to be out of your tent during the fireworks just in case one landed on you. We went to the display and sparks flew down everywhere, which scared me and that memory has always stayed with me. So even now I'm a little weary of them. But I do enjoy the food, company and winter cosiness that comes with bonfire night. 

We are planning on having a little get together on Saturday with the Mr's family and I can't wait to get some pretty pictures (I'm always thinking of photography (or food)). I decided that no bonfire party is complete without a little bit of chocolate so after seeing something simillar on pintrest I have created my own bark. The combination of chocolate, marshamallows and toffee popcorn go perfectly together. The great thing about bark recipes is that you can chuck anything you like on top. 

To make my version you will need:

200g milk or dark chocolate
100g white chocolate
a good handful of toffee popcorn
a good handful of mini marshamallows.

Melt all the chocolate in the microwave.

Pour the milk chocolate onto a lined baking tray. Spread with a palette knife to make it even.

Arrange the popcorn and marshmallows how you like. I threw them on. Roll them about into the chocolate so they are covered.

Place the melted white chocolate into a piping bag and pipe it over the bark in any pattern you fancy.

Leave to set.

Break up into pieces and enjoy!

Happy Wednesday. 

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  1. This looks great! Got a vision of a version with cinder toffee in too :) hope you enjoy some fireworks x

  2. YUM! Looks delicious, a perfect addition to the usual bonfire fare of sticky sausages In rolls and of course, steaming hot soup to keep your hands warm! I love bonfire night, a wonderful tradition! Katie x

  3. What a great way to celebrate Guy Fawkes! :D


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