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Monday, November 03, 2014

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Oh Sundays. You are glorious (except when I have to work). It's such an excuse to be a little bit lazy and eat a little bit more than should. Yesterday was no exception. We started the day with breakfast, every Sunday the Mr's family meet for breakfast. It's a good laugh especially as there is a lot us, nothing better than breakfast and a good chat with everybody. We then had a quick walk around town. I picked up some new make up, I had ran out of pretty much everything so picked up a few bits from boots and superdrug (hello 3 for 2!!). The Mr treated us to a big bag of pic n mix, picked up some ingredients for dinner and then we headed home.

After a quick cup of tea and bullying the Mr into taking this photograph for me, I then cleaned the house top to bottom whilst he got on with his teacher training paperwork. By half past three we were both finished so we gathered in the kitchen for another cuppa and started on dinner. Chilli. We love to make it early and let it bubble and simmer away. It's the perfect dinner for a dark and rainy Sunday afternoon.

I then sat down, read a few blogs and started drafting a few blog posts for this week as I'm working a lot this week so I probably won't get much time. The chilli had simmered away beautifully, we dished up our dinner, ate and then washed all the dishes.

Sunday nights are when the Mr goes to football, it usually gives me time to catch up on my TV programmes or YouTube videos but this week I'm heading over to my Sister in Laws house for Christmas crafts (so rock and roll aren't I). 

After lots of cheese and crackers and a mug of hot chocolate, the Mr came back from football picked me up. By then we are ready for baths and bed.

Oh Sunday, why can't you be everyday? I'm back to work today after 9 days off. Bleh.

How was your Sunday?

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  1. Love that you all meet up for breakfast every week, sounds like a nice wee tradition!

    I love Sundays too. I lazed about all day in my jammies, reading blogs and writing posts then went to my mums for a huge sunday dinner - best kind of day!

    Maisy Meow | Fashion Blog | Perfume Giveaway

    1. It is a lovely tradition,it's great seeing the family. Sundays are such a great day :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! Going out for breakfast is one of my favourite things to do at the weekend, especially when followed by pic 'n' mix!
    Elettravelle || UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. Sundays are great, but I tend to get that "back to school" feeling on Sunday night ahead of Monday's work x

    1. Yeah. Although with my shifts at work it doesn't always work like that for me. Everyday feels like that haha!!

  4. Its really nice that the family meets up every weekend for breakfast - such a good tradition! I love Sundays, you can get away with being lazy and enjoying doing very little!

    Emma |

    1. It's lovely. I do enjoy being lazy a lot haha :)


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