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Friday, June 17, 2016

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They say everyone has a book in them. Not literally that would be weird, but everyone has a story to tell.

 As a Mama one of my favourite stories to tell is Edith's birth. I've always loved birth stories, some positive others not but all have the same outcome. I thought that I would give a voice to Mama's who would like to share their story, but haven't written it down. 

One of the things I love about blogging is that it's a record of what happened and documenting my pregnancy and Edith's birth is one of those things I can always look back on.

 Although I do have to admit this was my husbands idea, I hate it when he comes up with great ideas I should have thought of, haha! 

Every Friday I'm going to share someones story. This week it's my sister in law. She has 3 beautiful children aged 8,6 and 2. 


I have given birth 3 times. I remember every minute of each one. Pregnancy was not great for me at all! I'm talking sickness the whole pregnancy and not just morning I mean all day and night. No more wearing necklaces or tops that were too close to my neck and wearing my hair up because if it touched my neck it would make me throw up. Then just when I got a handle on only feeling nauseous I then developed SPD. Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (now known as Pelvic Pain) it’s like you have been kicked in the JayJay, add to that the inability to get up out of a chair in less than 5 mins and pain waking you up at night when you try to turn over because it feels like somebody has taken a knife to your pelvis and is trying to cut you open lengthways. As if that wasn't bad enough then you have to give birth!

My first experience of birth was being told that my baby was now 11 days late and I needed to go to hospital and be induced. Feeling sick with nerves and worry I turned up to the ward with my husband and mother. I’m shown to a cubicle and attached to a foetal heart monitor to check the baby’s heart rate. When they were happy that baby was fine it was dreaded Pessary time (shuddering as I write) my mum leaves for 5 mins and my husband holds my hand as the midwife inserts the Prostin Pessary. It is not a pleasant experience as you can imagine but once it was over I was back on the monitor to make sure the baby was ok with the intrusion. After a few hour without labour starting my husband and mum went home to get some sleep and leave me to rest (yeah right) apparently you can be over stimulated  when you have prostin which means that your uterus contracts a lot without actually doing anything. I spent the night in agony knowing that I was due another Pessary just before lunch. My husband came back just before the second pessary happened so he was treated to experiencing that all over again this midwife was not as gentle (ha) as the first and after 20 mins of monitoring we went for a walk. When we got back it was lunch time so I sat eating my jacket potato and then I started to feel sick. I wanted to go back to my cubical and lay down but that was not happening, just as I got to my bed and sat down I thought I had wet myself when I stood up I projectile vomited everywhere (move over exorcist) as my husband went to get the midwife I was sick again and realised my water must have gone because every time I was sick more water was coming out of my JayJay. I was quickly moved to a side room and given a canister of gas and air (which I later found was empty). I was laying on the bed in real pain by now wanting my mum which I didn’t have to wait long for as they were checking to see how dilated I was I saw my mum in the doorway I remember crying "mum it really hurts" and seeing her well up as she came over to me. I was 5 cm dilated already so things were moving really fast so they began to rush me over to delivery suite. I had just got into the delivery room and they were trying to get the babies heartbeat on the monitor but they couldn't find it which wasn't going to be a problem because on the next contraction I felt the need to push. There was no stopping I couldn't have stopped pushing if I’d wanted too. One push and the head was out and with the next push Xander was born! They put him on my chest, he was purple and covered in meconium (baby poo) I remember saying "what the hell is that that's well ugly" (don’t judge). After that I just remember a lot of doctors coming into the room and me being poked and prodded. I was told afterwards that I had been haemorrhaging and they couldn't decide where from and were about to take me to theatre when they pulled a huge clot out of my JayJay. Weeks later my mum told me that when they couldn't find Xander’s heartbeat they had decided to take me to theatre to get him out but he made his own appearance.

Xander weighed 7lb 7.5 oz. 

Second time around I thought to myself I’ve done this before I can do this again. This story starts with a visit to the consultant at the hospital where I was 3 days overdue. The doctor told me I would have to come back in a week and they would book me for induction but she would like to see if anything was going on down below and give me a membrane sweep (cringe). I assumed the position on the bed and  as she was doing the sweep she asked me if I had been having any contraction, I said no because I hadn't felt anything to which she replied that I was 5cm dilated and  I should go home and get my stuff then they would admit me to delivery suite. We left our now 20 month old son with my brother and his girlfriend as we set off to the hospital. When we arrived we were shown to a room and hooked up to a monitor once they were happy with the trace I was informed that they would be breaking my waters after they had inserted a cannula so that if I haemorrhaged again they could get me on a drip straight away. After the cannula was inserted and my waters were popped the midwife left to fill out paperwork; Big Mistake! We warned her how quickly our son came and she didn't listen. After my waters were popped contractions started with a vengeance. I remember falling asleep to a few mins here and there and asking for Toby Carvery (we had just got one in our area) I think I also said several times that my "vag" hurt. between contraction I told hubby to call the midwife because I needed to push and just as she came in the room I started to push, she came rushing to the bed and didn't even have time to get her gloves on before the head was delivered and the next contraction Inara was born. We had been warned she was going to be big 11lb I was told. As she was put on my chest I remembered crying and saying "she’s so tiny". I did have to get some stitched after but that was awful I felt every single stitch! I kept trying to tell them that I wasn't numb but I was handed gas and air to help me cope.

Inara weighed 6lb 15oz

So third time I like to think this was my best birth. She was due Valentine’s Day but keeping up with her brother and sister she was late. 4 days overdue and again off for an appointment and the dreaded sweep. I hadn't been feeling the baby move so I was sent for monitoring where I was then told I needed to come back in the evening for induction. my brother had driven us to the hospital and watched the children while we were with the drs. when we got back to his house I told his fianc√© that I was going to hospital that night and my face must have been a picture as we still joke about it  (she's my sister-in-law now). Once again off to the hospital with my husband and mother in tow hooked up to the monitor and having small contractions. I declined to have the pessary that evening because I was contracting already and didn't want to over stimulate again. My husband and mother went home and I went to sleep, I woke several times during the night in pain and at 6 in the morning it was time for breakfast and monitoring again. About 8ish the midwife came round to check me and see if I still needed the pessary. I didn't in fact she had to call on a senior midwife to check me too because she thought she could feel the baby’s head. She was feeling the head and I was advised to call my birth partners back to the hospital. Once they got there we were moved to the delivery suite. We told the midwife about how fast my labours were and she stayed in the room with us so she wouldn't be caught out. She was fantastic! I remember having a lot of back pain and trying to get in a comfortable position was hard. After a while it was decided that my waters needed to be broken so Tilly (not actually her name but that’s what her badge said) popped my waters but there wasn't a lot there so she called a doctor in to check. what he found whilst checking me was that the baby’s head wasn't positioned correctly so from what I felt he pushed her back in a bit and twisted her around (not pleasant!) after that it was contraction on top of contraction after everyone I kept telling myself "that’s on less contraction" and with 2 pushes Vyolett was born! I remember saying "thank god that’s over". I was advised to get stiches for a small tear after having vyolett but I said no thanks and sat with my legs crossed because I thought that would sort it out. It did I came away without stitches.

Vyolett weighed 7lb 7oz

I would LOVE to hear your birth story. Whether you can birth this year, last year or 40 years ago. Please email with your story at littlepaperswans@gmail. As much detail as possible and photographs too.

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