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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

As you may have heard we recently moved to a bigger house. We are still renting but we’re going to be saving for our house so in 5/6 years’ time we will have enough to buy somewhere we can truly call home. Getting into a new house makes me want to buy all new homeware and we have got quite a few new things. We’ve got a sofa, a bed and armchair arriving next week. We didn’t really have any new furniture when we moved into our first home together as we couldn’t afford to buy new bits but this time we decided that as we want to make this place our home for a good few years we would invest in some nice pieces. We have painted a few bits of furniture too to give them a spruce up.
Slowly but surely the house is coming together. I think it takes a good month for everything to be in its place which is really hard when you’re a bit of a neat freak and like everything in its place. It’s also hard to get organised with a small baby attached to you for most minutes of the day. But we are getting there. One of the rooms that needs a big overhaul and sort out is Edith’s room. She is in need of a little girl’s room, rather than a baby’s room, sob. I’ve still not really decided on a theme or how I’m going to pull it all together but I thought that I would share a wishlist with you of all the pieces I am really loving at the minute.
There are a few essentials and a few decorative bits. Including one of the things that Father Christmas is going to be bringing Edith, if she’s good of course.
I guess we should start with the essentials. Edith is a bit of an awful sleeper and part of me wonders if this is down to the light getting in. She didn’t use to be as bad as she has been so the lighter mornings may be to blame. VELUX blinds offer a total blackout. We’ve had “blackout” blinds before only to be disappointed with them because they let light in. This might have been down to the blind not being the right size for the window but VELUX blinds specifically tailored to the size and shape of your window. Which is just perfect as there will be no light creeping its way through.
VELUX have a collaboration with Disney at the moment and the blinds are so cute I’m debating whether we need one in our room too! I adore the repeat bambi print one for Edith although the Disney princess one is pretty lovely too.

Edith is going to need new bedding for winter. She will be able to have a proper duvet and pillow this winter which means lots of lovely bed cover designs. If it was up to her she would have the Twirlywoo’s bedcover, although I think her Granny might be getting it for her birthday! I also love this rabbit design from Dunelm. Although I’m pretty sure Twirlywoo’s will win!
Edith is in need of toy storage, it’s amazing how quickly you gather toys. I’m sure we didn’t have this many! I want something wicker and nothing too brightly coloured. These baskets from Barker and Stonehouse would look perfect dotted around her room. It would go nicely with whatever décor we chose and even if we were to change our minds later down the line they would still work.
We’ve got this dolls house shelf coming in our Ikea order. It’s a Christmas present for Edith and I’m going to collect a few bits to go inside ready for Christmas. We thought it would make a lovely present for her and it’s such a bargain too!
I am in love with this rug from H&M its’s so cute. I can just imagine Edith driving cars and walking little people up and down it. This is one of my *must* buys. It’s such a great price too for a practical piece of homeware.
I could go on forever, does anyone else get carried away when it comes to buying kids things? There are so many nice bits of kid’s homeware someone needs to hide my purse!
This post has been written in collaboration with VELUX.

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  1. The bamboo one is lovely, but that princess one I am in love with! I have been tempted by the bunny duvet a few times, it is lovely #BloggerClubUK

  2. Oo I love your picks and the the blinds - blackout blinds are an essential for my daughter too! #BloggerClubUK

    Helen x



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