Halloumi and Sweet Chilli Pittas

Friday, September 23, 2016

easy dinner recipe halloumi and sweet chilli pittas

easy dinner recipe halloumi and sweet chilli pittas

Another late post. Sorry about that. I swear that organising a child's birthday party is more stress than a wedding. I think we are there though and we are really looking forward to celebrating Edith's party tomorrow and then her birthday on Tuesday. It's been a busy week but we survived it without takeaway. Of course Saturday nights are treat nights so we're going to indulge then but we didn't give in this week. Wahoo.

My favourite meal from this week had to be this one. Although the sloppy joe pizzas were also incredible. I'll share them another time!

Oh halloumi I had forgotten how good you are. It's been such a long since I've had any which is crazy considering it's up there as one of my favourite cheeses. The sweet chilli sauce complimented it so well. It added that much needed moisture and adding in one of our favourite flavours. It was a quick Monday night fix, perfect for when you're in a bit of a hurry. I thought I'd share the recipe with you guys! It's all a little bit interchangeable use whatever you have available we had red onions and red peppers which tasted delicious. 

easy dinner recipe halloumi and sweet chilli pittas

easy dinner recipe halloumi and sweet chilli pittas

Halloumi and Sweet Chilli Pittas

- Serves 2 (and a baby) - 

1 red pepper, sliced

1 red onion, sliced

1 bock of halloumi, sliced

1 tbsp olive oil

4 wholemeal pitta breads

1 jar of sweet chilli sauce

1 bag of salad

- Heat the oil in a medium frying pan. Lightly fry the red onion and red pepper until soft. Set aside.

- In the same pan, using no more oil, fry the halloumi. Leave the halloumi until all the liquid that comes out of the cheese has been absorbed, Turn and fry on the other side. This prevents your halloumi from being too squeaky.

- Lightly toast the pitta breads under a grill.

- Dish up the food onto serving boards and let people help themselves,

- Drizzle over the sweet chilli sauce.


I told you it was simple!
Mummy in a Tutu
A Cornish Mum

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  1. i absolutely love halloumi, these look gorgeous!

  2. Anything with halloumi is a winner in my book! #foodiefriday

  3. Yes! I love halloumi, and sweet chilli so this sounds super yummy. They look great too.x #foodiefriday

  4. This sounds lovely and I do love halloumi but I have been dairy and egg free for my youngest who has allergies so I am so jealous of this right now! #picknmix

  5. Oh this seriously sounds and looks delicious! A bit more exciting than the cheese sandwich that I had for lunch ;) Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  6. I love halloumi so much ive made it into its own food group I swear!! This appeals to every part of me!!
    Thanks for linking to #foodiefriday


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