Weddings with Kids - When the Kids Are Yours

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Once upon a time, getting married before you had kids was the done thing. Or at least, everyone pretended it was. But today, families come in all shapes and sizes, from parents who never marry to blended families and couples who stay childfree. Getting married when you already have children is much more common and more acceptable. However, planning a wedding when you have kids can be even more complicated than normal. With parenting duties to take care of, it's difficult to find the time and energy to put into your wedding. To make sure you still get your big day, pay attention to these issues.

Managing Your Time

Finding the time to plan your wedding is difficult at the best of times. It's even harder when you're a parent. On top of work, there's anything from changing nappies to doing the school run. Getting time to yourself isn't something that happens often. However, you can still find ways to plan, even when you're busy. One thing you can do is get your kids involved in the planning if they're old enough. Then your time together can double up as wedding planning time. You may also benefit from creating a schedule, setting specific days for you to sit down and get some planning done.

Sticking to a Budget

Parents might also be a little more concerned about their budget than couples who don't have kids. Not only do you have less disposable income, but your financial priorities could be different too. You might be reluctant to spend money on the wedding. It could go towards a family holiday or go into savings for your child instead. If you want to keep costs down, it's easy to find ways to save. You can create a beautiful wedding without overspending. DIY wedding are all the rage. You can find resources ranging from free wedding invitation templates to table decoration designs.

Involving Your Kid(s) in the Wedding

Your children are important to you, so you might want them to play a part in your special day. Some people make their child ring-bearer or flower girl - or flower boy! It's up to you how much of a role you want your child to play. You can make something up too. It doesn't have to be an existing position in the ceremony. At the reception, you might like to have older kids make a small speech or do something else.

Making Your Wedding Child-friendly

You could choose to have a childfree wedding, but it might not make much sense. If your child or children will be there, it may seem a little hypocritical not to allow any kids. Plus, your child may not want to be the only one there under 20. If you're having children at the wedding, think about making it entertaining for them. That might mean having some music they'll love or doing something special. You could hire an entertainer or set up an arts and crafts corner.

Having kids might make planning your wedding a little more difficult, but it shouldn't complicate things too much. Give yourself a little more time and don't rush things too much.
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