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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last weekend, after getting around 3 hours sleep, we set of in the quest for brunch. We had been invited by the lovely people at All Bar One to come along and review the re-fit in the Norwich restaurant. I can't tell you how much we needed breakfast food and coffee. Although by the time we had our brunch at 11 I had already been up 8 hours! 

We decided that we would order one egg dish each and then get a few dishes to share. Oh my goodness. It was exactly what we needed. 

I ordered the Eggs Florentine. Toasted English muffin topped with sauteed spinach, grilled portobello mushrooms and poached free range eggs. Served with Omega seed sprinkle and lemon hollandaise. It was incredible. I had never had poached eggs before because I thought they were rubbery. Oh no. They are delicious, the runny yolk was just perfect. The combination of everything was delicious. I have a thing for seeds at the moment and they really added that extra bit of crunch. I think you would miss that if you didn't have it. 

My husband ordered Poached Free Range Eggs with Seasonal Mushrooms. Sauteed in garlic and parsley butter served on toasted sourdough. My husband really loved the mushrooms, he said they were the best thing out of all the food we ate. The eggs were cooked perfectly and he really enjoyed the sourdough bread.

We ordered a cold press juice too. I originally went for a beetroot, carrot, lemon and ginger. And my husband ordered the pumpkin, carrot, cinnamon and ginger. We swapped in the end preferring each others. I didn't enjoy the beetroot one. I expected it to be sweeter but it was almost savoury. It really wasn't my cup of tea. 

We shared a plate of pancakes. My husband claims to make the best pancakes in the world (they are really good!) so these had a lot of live up to. They were really good. You can't go wrong with maple syrup, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana. Edith enjoyed some of these too.

My husband being the fussy man he is (don't tell him I said that) doesn't like smoked food. The bacon at All Bar One is all smoked so he asked if they would make up a special for him. Luckily the staff were great about it and the chef made him a sausage ciabatta. It was exactly the same as the bacon ciabatta of the menu but with sausages instead. It was glorious. We halved it which made my stomach rather happy. My husband wanted to try the sausages as they were damson, Cumberland sausages. He has a thing for damson. In all honesty I couldn't taste the damson very strongly but that was a good thing. I'm not a massive fan of cooked fruit so if it was strong I probably wouldn't have enjoyed them as much as I did. 

We then had a coffee each and ordered 2 croissants. I took mine home with me and ate it at my mums later on. The pastry was lovely and flakey on the outside and soft in the middle.

As for the restaurant it looks amazing! The re-fit is lovely and very IG friendly. Did you see my brunch flatlay?

It also passed the child friendly test. Edith escaped a couple of times and crawled on the floor. Her tights were still clean which shows the cleanliness. (Of course if it was really buys we wouldn't have let her crawl about). They were really accommodating to Edith too. Chopping up a banana for her and talking to her. For once Edith didn't go all shy either which is great!

Overall we had a great experience and if you're in Norwich and looking for somewhere to eat I couldn't recommend it enough!

We were kindly invited to All Bar One to review the menu and re-fit. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Lovely review! I was actually craving some of this food as I was reading! Xx


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