#Weekly Meal Plan #17

Monday, October 31, 2016

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Happy Halloween!

Wow. Last week flew by. I can't believe how quickly half term went. Ours went downhill towards the end of the week as Edith had her jabs and reacted badly to them, burning up and a huge red, bruised leg. Poor girl, I felt so bad for her. But we did manage to stick to last weeks plan. Go us.

So with my husband back at work and not getting back from work until later it's much simpler meals this week. We had a few bits leftover from last week. Like bacon and mushrooms which are living in the freezer, they will be used this week. I am going to try my hardest to film the video this week so please keep and eye out for that on my Youtube Channel. 

There was no newsletter last week. Sorry guys. But I will get one to you this week. If you fancy receiving them make sure you sign up! As always my Pinterest board has the meal plan recipes/inspiration just in case you guys want to make any of the meals.

My Monday will be spent juggling housework, admin and Edith. Anyone else's house a bomb site after half term? I don't even have a child at school to blame!

My husband did this weeks shop as I was working, two photoshoots in one morning. It was all rather exciting. He went to ASDA and spent a grand total of £21.57 (on our weekly food shop). I think I'm going to have to send him and Edith every week! Although I have this feeling I've forgotten something!

This weeks meals are:

Malay Rice

Spinach, ham and cheese puffs with chips. 

Chicken, bacon and mushroom pasta.

Chicken & veg chow mein.

Sausage and mozzarella bake. 

What's on your menu this week?
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