Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro With These Top-Table Tips

Monday, October 17, 2016

It’s true that fewer people are officially tying the knot these days. It might be something to do with the cost of a traditional wedding. Or it might be that there are other ways to show you love someone. Of course, planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do. And it can take months to put everything together! If all that doesn’t put you off, then try some of these handy tips to get you to that top-table to toast your wonderful day:

The first thing to decide on is the venue. The availability of your preferred venue will determine your wedding date. If you haven’t decided yet, then you might want to consider the level of service and facilities you’re looking for. Not all venues can take a large number of guests. You might want a sit-down meal rather than a buffet, so check the venue can cater. And if you want to marry and have a reception all in one place be sure there is a licensed officiant there. Look at places like the Clevedon Hall Wedding Venue for ideas on what you might be looking for on your big day.

There are no laws that say you can’t wear what you like on your big day. But if you are looking for something in classic ivory or traditional white, it’s time to book an appointment with a bridal boutique. You can choose to hire the dress for the day or buy your wedding dress outright. Your budget might help you decide which is the best choice for you. If you’re planning a first dance with a difference, you might want to consider a dress with a train you can remove. Pick up your shoes, tiara, veil, and lingerie while you are there too. Remember, it takes several weeks to complete the alterations for fittings.

Car, Cake, Photos, and Flowers
You’ll probably want to book all the people that will be providing these services as early as possible. Meet each of them in person and browse through their portfolios to choose exactly what you want, especially if you have a theme. They are all likely to ask for a deposit on the day you book, so be sure you have your wedding funds in place. Of course, you might want to ask friends or family to take care of all these areas to save you money. This isn’t unusual and could make the wedding far more intimate and personal. Delivery of the cake and flowers may need to be managed by someone other than you on the big day!

Limiting a guest list is really hard to do and can easily cause friction between your two families. You might be asking some of your friends or family to take on key roles in the wedding too. Bridesmaids and Best Men are very popular jobs! Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to take an active role in helping you plan and coordinate the wedding. It could help alleviate a lot of your stress too! Enjoy your beautiful day.

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