Wedding Planning: Have You Forgotten To Put These Things On The List?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Planning a wedding is exciting, scary, overwhelming, dreamy and wonderful, all rolled into one! Some brides-to-be have been thinking about their perfect wedding since they were young. If you’re anything like Monica from ‘friend’ you’ll already have a binder full of ideas and budgets before you’ve even met your husband! Or perhaps you hadn’t even given it a second thought until the love of your life proposed. No matter which side of the fence you are on, once wedding bells are ringing, there is a lot to plan and organise. Assuming you’ve got the obvious stuff under control, let’s take a look at some of the crucial things you might have forgotten to put on the list.

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Wedding Shoes

Ok, it’s doubtful you’ve forgotten about your wedding shoes, but your mind has probably been more focussed on your dream wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, and veil. My tip for wedding shoes is not to leave them until the last minute. Don’t forget you're going to have your pretty pedicured toes slipped into these beautiful shoes all day and most of the evening too. So it is best to buy your shoes early and break them in. You certainly don’t want painful feet and blisters on your big day. And if you are ordering them online, make sure to get that order placed weeks before the wedding, just in case any problems arise. Test out your shoes on the terrain you’ll be walking on. Make sure they are ok on the grass and non-slippery on wooden floors.

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As you start deciding on the venue for your wedding, don’t forget about finding out if you need to organise a marquee and adding that into the budget. The quintessential fairytale summer wedding often calls for a marquee. It can set a beautiful dreamy scene that can be decorated in your chosen theme. Companies such as Lewis marquees offer traditional, frame and pagoda marquees that come complete with everything from special lighting to starlit ceilings. If you want a marquee for your wedding, don’t forget to book it in early to avoid disappointment. One of the beauties of having a marquee is that you can also hire your furniture from the same company. Which means you can choose your banquet chairs, cake stands, bar areas and flooring all in one.

Food Allergies And Vegetarians

Don’t let this one slip your mind when organising the catering. Make sure the company you choose can cater for any food allergies and vegetarians. And don’t forget to offer a choice of vegetarian and meat dishes on you invitation cards so you can organise the catering early. And also leave a little space on the RSVP card where guests can leave a comment if they have any food allergies. The earlier you sort out the catering, the less stressed you will be and the more you will be able to work with your budget. Catering for a wedding is usually one of the largest expenses. So get it right from the get go.

Tech chargers

One last tip is to take a few extra mobile phone chargers for the bridal suite. It’s amazing how quickly phone batteries run out of charge when taking lots of photos and videos throughout the day. And this way you can offer to charge up guest’s phones so that they can capture candid wedding shots throughout the afternoon and evening. It works well for both parties!

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