The Perfect Bed for Your Little One to Lay Their Head

Monday, October 10, 2016

Creating the perfect bed for your little one can be harder than you think. As well as making it look pretty, you also need it to be safe and comfortable. Your baby's needs change as they grow up and their bed has to continue to meet those needs. Setting up a bed that's safe, comfortable and looks great can take a bit of thought. Making sure they get a good night's sleep is vital for both them and you. But if you know what you need, you can take all the important factors into account. Try these tips to set up the ideal bed for your baby.

Safety First

You need to put safety above everything else when you think about your child's bed. The first thing that requires is thinking about their age. Different aged children have various needs when it comes to a safe space to sleep. For example, babies who are starting to climb could try to escape from their bed and take a tumble. There can be a lot of confusing information about the safest practices. Make sure you're paying attention to some of the big issues, such as accidental suffocation, overheating, and falling out of bed.

A Bed That Grows with Them

For a lot of parents, the thought of having to replace their baby's bed a lot isn't one they want to entertain. It's a good idea to consider getting a bed that will grow with your baby. You can buy a cot that will allow you to remove the sides and eventually turn it into a toddler bed. That means you won't have to buy a new bed until your little one has outgrown the toddler bed. They might be able to stay in it for a good few years before they need a bigger one.

Comfort and Hygiene

Getting the bed comfy can involve considering a lot of different types of bedding. It can all get a bit confusing when you're not sure what's best. Should your baby have a blanket, sleeping bag or even a swaddle? Before you get into that, start with the basics. You need a mattress and a sheet to go over it. For ease of use, a cot bed fitted sheet is the most convenient. There's no need to try and tuck in corners neatly. Cotton sheets are soft and natural, so many parents choose them. If you can't decide which type of bedding is best, compare the different pros and cons. You may have to try some out so think about borrowing some before buying.

Your Little One's Bed Through the Seasons

Keeping your child's room cool in summer and warm in the winter is sometimes a challenge. It might mean changing their bedding or pyjamas, using fans or adjusting the heating. Many parents love using a sleeping bag for their baby, which can be great for all seasons. If the air is dry, a humidifier can be a good idea. It's especially useful for children with eczema.

Creating a relaxing sleeping environment for your little one will help them and you get a great night's sleep.
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