The Going Out Out Wishlist

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Guess what? We're going to be going out. Yep you heard it right. We are leaving the baby at home. With my Mum looking after her (of course!). It's been a while. We've only been out once together since Edith has been born so it's been a while. The only thing is I have nothing to wear. Nothing. Now a days you are more likely to find me in a pair of jeans and a breast feeding friendly top. Don't get me wrong I still love fashion, but at the moment it's more about practicality than being on trend. But for one night I get to wear what I like. So I thought that I would put together a wishlist of my must have pieces.

Dresses. I adore dresses but since most are not breast feeding friendly I have had to retire most of mine to the attic. But not for our night out. I've picked these three gorgeous party dresses. Three are entirely necessary. I'm prone to change my mind. The long sleeved dress is more suitable for the colder evenings and the collar detail is just beautiful. The cold shoulder dress is a little bit of a comfort for me, it's a style I know I like and suit. But that lace dress. Oh my. It's just beautiful and I feel like my wardrobe would be lost without it! It may be a little over the top for a night out but I don't get to go out very often so why not put in the extra effort?

I have been a little practical with two gorgeous jackets. The lace bomber jacket is just beautiful but my real love is for this patterned one. I can already see myself wearing it. And it would work in the day as well. A big chunky scarf and a lovely pair of boots to go with it and I'd be looking stylish in now time. Although I would still be pushing a buggy or carrying a baby on my hip but I can dream right? But in all seriousness that patterned duster jacket needs to be in my life!

Shoes. It's not a night out without a pretty heel. Lace up is always a winner and these black heels are just beautiful. I am however a bit of a magpie! These gold heels are a beauty. I love the chunky block heel which makes it easier to walk in them and they are shiny!!!!

And then cosy slippers and PJ's for when I get back. Because I am an old lady at heart haha! These pom pom slippers are just too cute and the slouchy PJ's look perfect for lounging around the house the next day.

When was the last time you went out? What did you wear and what dress out of these three gorgoeus ones would you pick? All advice welcome.

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  1. Ooooo the lace dress and bomber jacket are defo my faves! I just bought a super cosy pair of slippers the other day and I love love love them, I have been wearing them every night since I got them. They just make me feel so comfy and happy lol. Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!


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