Christmas Crafting: Creative Gifts You Can Make At Home

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Are you desperately trying to think of original gift ideas for your friends and family this year? Are you eager to save money? Are you hoping to give loved ones something thoughtful and heartfelt? If so, why not put your talents into action, and create your own Christmas gifts? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine
If you’re a maestro with knitting needles or a sewing machine, you can create all kinds of wonderful gifts. You could knit scarves, mittens or hats. You could create personalised bunting for children’s rooms. You could make cushion covers or even design and fabricate new tops or dresses. Another simple idea is to make some customised hand warmers. At this time of year, when it’s chilly outside, this stocking-filler is bound to come is useful. All you need to do this is swatches of fabric, needles, and a bag of rice. Create a pouch using your fabric, and then fill it two-thirds full with rice. Then sew the top to close the pouch. You could add an initial or the name to make your present personal.

If you love arts and crafts
Are you an expert with a glue gun? Are you always thinking of new DIY projects? Is your mind racing with ideas? If so, it’s time to stock up on glue sticks, and get crafting. There are loads of festive-themed gifts you can create at home. One idea, which is great for kids, is homemade snow globes. Place figurines of woodland animals or Father Christmas in a Kilner jar and glue to the lid. Fill the jar with water, glitter or tiny fragments of tinsel. Put the lid on, and secure. Then turn your jar upside down, and you’ve got a beautiful gift in no time. You can also make tree decorations or DIY wreaths to give out on Christmas Day.

If you’re a culinary wizard
Who doesn’t love homemade treats? If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, share your talents and spread the love this Christmas. Bake some festive gingerbread biscuits. Or create an edible snow globe using marshmallows or white chocolate cookie bites. Order some gift boxes, bags, or jars and fill them with millionaire’s shortbread or indulgent brownies. Add a bespoke label and a ribbon tie to finish your gift off in style. You could also use your gourmet delights to make hampers.

If you’re an artist
Do you love painting or drawing? If so, why not give out some of your masterpieces for Christmas? You could do some portraits from photographs or frame prints of wintry landscapes. This is a unique gift idea, and it enables your loved ones to keep something forever.

Christmas shopping can be time-consuming and expensive. If you’re looking to cut costs and ensure you give out unique, meaningful presents, why not get creative? Use your talents, and search for inspiration online. You can create beautiful items, and there’s no risk of buying the same as anybody else.
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