Weekly Meal Plan #21

Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan, Budget, Healthy and Under £30
Wow, this weekend flew past. They normally go pretty quickly but for some reason this one when even faster than normal. On Saturday we went to a Christmas fayre, much to my husbands disgust. He will only acknowledge Christmas celebrations from December but we had a great time. I picked up a few Christmas presents and one for myself. I need to stop the habit of buying something for me when I buy presents haha! I've also done a bit of online Christmas shopping too. I can't share any of the amazing brands I've found with you either because I'm pretty sure that people could work out their presents so I might do a round-up after Christmas. There are quite a few amazing ones I've found.

Sunday was a work day for me. Two photoshoots crammed into an afternoon and then we headed over to my Mums like we normally do. As I was busy my husband did the weekly shop and I'm not going to lie I'm pretty impressed. He did it for £22.20. He's better than I am! I have to admit we do have a well stocked fridge and freezer this week which always keeps the cost down. But still I'm impressed. He shopped at Tesco. 

My newsletter will be going live at 10am today and this week there is an exclusive recipe of one of last weeks meals. It was just too nice not to share. So please make sure you are subscribed and you can access back issues of my newsletter here.

Oh and don't forget to check out my Pinterest board for all of this weeks meal plan inspiration. 

This week's meal are:

Bacon & mozzarella stuffed mushrooms, homemade chips and veg.

Sausage rigatoni

Mushroom white pizza, homemade chips and veg. 

Paprika pork slow cooked one pot.

Slowcooker sausage and potatoes.

What are you are eating this week?

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