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Friday, November 25, 2016

Books For A 1 Year Old

I thought that I would share another set of books Edith has been reading, you can see the last two blog posts here. 

Not only is it nice to share what we've been reading this month but I thought it would be a good little list to look through if you're looking for some inspiration for Christmas.

In the Night Garden Story Books - Andrew Davenport

These In the Night Garden were given to Edith by my sister. They were given to her for my nephew from her friend. So they are third hand. Edith gets these books out everyday. Everyday. She brings them over to us and says "booook" and we read them. I was little surprised that she had the attention span as these books are longer than most of her board books but she really enjoys them. 

Books For A 1 Year Old

Happy Dog, Sad Dog - Sam Llyod

I picked this book up for Edith in a charity shop for 20p. I asked my Mum to pick it up as I had the buggy and couldn't reach it. I knew from the spine that it was a book that Edith would enjoy. We sat and read it in a cafe shortly after buying it. I think I read it to her a few times and then my Mum. Safe to say it was a hit from the start.

Books For A 1 Year Old

Clap Hands - Helen Oxenbury

Another Helen Oxenbury book has made the cut and another book from Nanny, costing 1p from Amazon. Edith seems to have a real love for Helen Oxenbury books. The illustrations are always lovely and the stories themselves are short and catchy which are perfect for a nearly 14 month old. My husband made up some actions when he read the book to her, now we have to do them every time. 

Books For A 1 Year Old

Hide and Seek Pig - Julia Donaldson 

And lastly for this month this Julia Donaldson book. Edith had Fox's Socks in the same series. Unfortunately she destroyed that book so we are keeping close watch on this one as it was a gift from my friend for Edith's birthday. She does love a flap book and these books are great easy readers.

I would love to you know what your little one's favourite books are. We are always looking for new books to read and to add to our ever expanding library. 
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