Edith's 14 Month Update

Friday, December 09, 2016

Ahhh I'm running really late this month. It's been a really busy month and an ill one too. Not a great start but we are both starting to feel a bit healthier and ready for Christmas. I can't believe the huge milestones Edith has made this month. She amazes us every day. 

Sleep had got to the awful 1 hour wakeups again. It was tough. But we've now broken the cycle. My husband settles her so she's not after milk. She's now sleeping so much better and we're back to one or two wakeups a night. Edith is also going for longers stretches of sleep 5/6 hours before needing settling. She did also sleep until 7:15 the other day! That is pretty much unheard of.

Edith will not eat breakfast. We've tried everything but she just has no interest in eating so early. In all honesty she gets this from me I'm much more a brunch kinda person so I think she follows me. She went through a stage before getting her cold of eating all of her dinner. It as amazing as she has always been a picky eater. I don't mean fussy, I mean she will pick at her dinner. No one believes me that she's not a great eater even though she's such a chunk!

Edith is still in 12-18 months and we've gone to 5+ nappies because ASDA has their Christmas design and I'm totally up for Christmas nappies.


Her first steps! - She got brave and let go and took two mini steps. She still has no real interest in walking but takes a few steps when she feels likes it.

So many new words choc choc, toes, tickle, cheese, hello. We can't even remember all of them. It's crazy how many words she has said. 

She really knows what she wants. She's more aware of who she is. 

Edith 14 month baby update milestones sleep feeding

Edith Loves

Ketchup (still)

Chocchoc - her advent calendar

Playing with the toy kitchen at the local library (God job Father Christmas knows!)

Mama - She's been very clingy being ill.


Climbing up the window. 

The Twirlywoos app on my phone.

Edith 14 month baby update milestones sleep feeding

Edith Hates

Dr's examinations

Being told no.

Happy 14 Months baby girl!

(excuse the mess on her face and dress, Edith stole my baking)

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  1. I wish I had carried on doing updates for Arthur - my last one was in January for his 12-13month update and I loved reading it the other day and remembering little things I'd forgotten! #kcacols


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