Personalised Christmas Gifts With a Little Help from Snapfish

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Personalised Christmas Gifts Snapfish

Personalised Christmas Gifts Snapfish

I don't know if it's because I've grown up or since becoming a mum, but I appreciate thoughtful gifts a lot more than expensive ones. When someone has taken time to pick a perfect present or card because they knew you would love it. I think that's so much nicer than spending lots of money on something you hope that will like.

As a photographer I of course love to have photographs around the house and Christmas is the perfect time to give photographs as presents. I have had a lot of clients this Christmas who will be giving photographs as gifts and I just think it's lovely.

I of course had to have this bauble. Personalised to whatever you'd like. This photograph from Edith's 13 month update is one of my favourites and it fills the acrylic bauble perfectly. It's hanging on our tree and when the fairy lights catch it, it lights up beautifully. 

Personalised Christmas Gifts Snapfish

Personalised Christmas Gifts Snapfish

As for the beautiful card we used a photograph of us on our honeymoon I adore this photo. It's so natural and that I think is the key to getting gorgeous photos. My top tip would always be to look anywhere but the camera. Of course the best place to be looking is at each other. My second, to be fair joint first, is lighting. It has to be natural light for me. No flash, no harsh light. Just glowy soft light, so get outdoors. Make sure you wrap up warm! 

The card is going to be part of the Christmas decorations. It's too nice to send to anybody else. Sorry guys! 

This post was written in collaboration with Snapfish. All opinions are my own. 
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