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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A family home should be just that - a place where the whole family can come together and enjoy spending time in each other's company.

Though weekends can be lovely and leisurely (if you're lucky!, the weekdays are a very different kettle of fish. Often, by Friday, the house can be in a right state, and you're left wondering whether your home is actually prepared for family life at all!

Don't panic - take a deep breath, and take a look at our guide to making your home kid friendly - without compromising on style.

Kitchen & dining rooms
Nothing is totally immune to the impact of kids - so for longevity, keep your table covered with a tablecloth when your kids are using it. It doesn't have to stay on the table all the time, and there are some beautiful table coverings out there that can actually enhance the look of your table. Provided your table is strong, durable and sturdy, you'll minimise the risk of scratches and stains.
However it's still a good idea to cover even wooden tables and use placemats when the kids are eating, drawing or playing at the table, you'll find it could last much longer than other selections!

The dining and kitchen areas are much more than a space for a dining table though, and there are many other factors to consider when revamping a room to be both stylish and kid-friendly.
You should make use of corner covers to protect little heads running past, and don't forget to child-proof any cabinet doors - far too tempting for little fingers and toes! It can feel like these preventative measures ruin the aesthetic of your room, but it's worth remembering that they are always removable once your child is older.


Living Rooms

Let's face it; any sofa in a house with kids is likely to take a little bit of a beating! This means that any sofa you pop in your lounge needs to be up to the challenge - durable, but stylish.
As such, a leather sofa or suite is likely your best bet. Wipe-clean, hard-wearing and reasonably easy to care for (if treated on a regular basis) - perfect!
If leather isn't your thing though, you could opt for a dark but hard-wearing fabric sofa - just have plenty of blankets and throws handy for the inevitable times when your kids will want a snack and a drink while sitting - or lying! - on it.



If there's just too much to even comfortably store away in the living room, you can make their bedroom into a storage-haven as well as a room that they look forward to sleeping in. For a more modern child's bedroom, embrace gender-neutral tones that will help the décor flow more harmoniously from your contemporary living and dining spaces to their bedroom.
If you are night training, or even have gone through this stage, it’s important that your child feels secure and safe. A waterproof quilted mattress protector will add to this for them  and protect you against any accidents.

During the day, ensure that the blinds and curtains are always open to make the most of natural light. At night, blackout curtains can erase any light from outdoors, and a standing lamp or dimmer switch can totally change the atmosphere of the room into one of peace and restfulness.

Keep your home happy and safe, and the family will follow suit!

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