Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas For Your Tech-Loving Hubby

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Christmas is this weekend! Eeek, how did that come around so quickly?! I’m sure most of you will be rushing around to get all those last minute details, and finishing touches all sorted. But what about those of you who still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? Well, don’t panic too much because there are still a couple of shopping days left, thank goodness! Are you still trying to find an extra special little something for your hubby? Here are some cool ideas that all those tech-loving hubbies out there will thoroughly enjoy!

A Smartwatch

Smartwatches are set to be one of the biggest tech trends of 2017. And there is no wonder why! These unique gadgets don’t just tell the time, but you can also use them exactly as a smartphone. They receive emails and text messages and will store your calendar and all those important meetings and appointments. So your hubby will be super organised once he gets used to his smartwatch! And as it will be strapped to his wrist the whole time, there is little chance that he will lose it!


A Supercar Ride

Did you know that there are now many companies that specialise in supercar hire? These firms give you the chance to rent out your dream car for as long as you like. So why not treat your hubby to one of these fancy cars for a day? He will love zooming around town showing off his new deluxe set of wheels! Whether he is a Rolls Royce guy or an Audi man, he will certainly be able to find a beautiful car to suit his style in each company's fantastic selection!

A Fitbit

If your tech-savvy partner loves keeping fit just as much as he loves all his gadgets and gizmos, then he will certainly fall head over heels in love with a Fitbit this Christmas! This looks just like a smartwatch, actually! He will need to wear it on his wrist at all times so that it can monitor his workout sessions. He can also programme it on his laptop so that it tracks his eating habits and daily intake of calories as well. Once he starts using his Fitbit, he will be able to improve his workouts and diets so that he becomes even fitter!


A New Tablet

Maybe you should just get your husband the latest tablet device? Even if he already has one, I’m sure that his current one could do with updating. These days, there are many different tablets on the market, so finding the right one for your hubby is crucial. After all, if he is going to use his for work, he would probably prefer one that can help him stay organised with various apps. If he just wants one for fun, you should look for one with lots of storage so he can save loads of games. Generally speaking, the best all round tablet on the market at the minute is the iPad.

One of these gifts should guarantee your husband enjoys a very merry Christmas!

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