Groomed To Perfection: Gift Ideas For The Image Conscious Man In Your Life

Friday, January 27, 2017

Male grooming is an industry that is booming. There’s a growing number of product lines available, and more and more men are proud to admit that they take great pride in their appearance. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your other half for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, why not treat them to a little pampering? Here are some suggestions to get you thinking.

Skincare products
When you think of skincare products, it’s easy to focus on those aimed at women. However, male skin needs a little TLC too. Increasingly, men are devoting time to looking after their skin and ensuring they look as good as possible. You can buy skincare products that are specifically geared towards men, or neutral brands, which could be suitable for both sexes. If your man isn’t used to using products, break him in gently with a daily moisturiser and a face scrub.

Bathtime bliss
There’s a stereotype that soaking in a hot tub is an ideal way for women to unwind and de-stress, but if you conducted a survey, you’d probably find that many men also enjoy a bubble bath. What’s not to love? You get a few minutes of peace, and the chance to relax weary minds and muscles. If your other half is a fan of the bath, treat him to some bubble bath, body wash or essential oils. If he’s a gym bunny or a sporty type, have a look around for muscle soaks. If you have reservations about your partner’s hygiene or you’d maybe like them to step up the grooming a notch, buying bathing gifts could act as a subtle hint. Does your man take enough showers? If you have to think before answering this question or the answer is no, these kinds of presents could provide a solution. You can confront a potentially embarrassing issue indirectly, and end up with a gorgeous smelling boyfriend or husband.

Hair care
How often do you head into the bathroom to find your man perfecting their quiff or combing their locks? If your partner is always keen to have his ‘do sorted before leaving the house, hair care products are a great idea. You can choose from all kinds of options from wax and gel to clay and conditioning masks. If your other half has facial hair, beard oil may be another idea worth considering.

Electrical gifts
If your other half is a gadget man, why not combine his love of gizmos and grooming and invest in some high-tech appliances? You can buy everything from nose and ear hair trimmers and electric shavers to mini hair straighteners and electric toothbrushes online.

Is the man in your life a fan of personal grooming or would you like to gently encourage them to pay a little more attention to the way they present themselves? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some food for thought, and you’ll soon have a partner who is groomed to perfection.

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