These Little Tips Will Help You To Wow Your Friends With Your Cooking

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you enjoy cooking, it’s only natural for you to want to impress your friends and loved ones. You may already be a confident chef, but these little tips will help you to further enhance your dishes and wow your friends! Take a look and see what you can use:

Set The Scene
The first thing you want to do is set the scene. Yes, this might not seem like it has much to do with the food, but it can make a difference to your guest’s experience of the food. You can help to set the scene by using music, candles, and showing off your good hosting skills. You can even make sure your pets are out the way, which your guests may appreciate if they have an allergy or a phobia. Or, you know, they just don’t want a hungry dog salivating by them for the duration of their meal.  

Make Sure Your Presentation Is Spot On
One way to really wow your guests with your cooking, is to make sure your presentation is spot on. Using white plates is a great way to really show off the colors of your food and make it stand out on the plate. The plate shouldn’t look too full with food, but it shouldn’t look empty either. Don’t worry about symmetry, as asymmetrical dishes often look better. Mixing different textures and colors work well too. Experiment and see what you think looks good. Serving your sauces on the side rather than on the dish is another good idea.


Pair Your Food With The Right Beverage
Pairing your food with the right beverage shouldn’t be ignored. It really does matter. What you drink can have a huge impact on the flavor of the food you’re serving. How about making a coffee with your espresso gear and serving with cake or cookies? Different wines work well with different dishes too, such as fish and other meats. Usually, reading the bottle will give you a clue.

Use Fresh Vegetables And Herbs
Fresh vegetables and herbs are more colorful and flavorful than frozen or canned. It’s really easy to grow your own so you always have a fresh supply!

Add Something Different
Try adding something to your dish that your guests may not expect. How about using sliced apple in salad? It tastes delicious with the likes of goats cheese, pickled onions, and beetroot!  


Pay Attention To The Finer Details
Paying attention to the finer details of your dish is crucial. Swap regular table salt for sea salt. Be generous with it! Also, using quality utensils can make a difference to the texture and presentation.

Lemon or Plain White Vinegar Can Make All The Difference
If you think your dish is lacking a little in flavor and excitement, adding acid can transform a dish. By adding a squeeze of lemon or vinegar to a soup, salad, or another kind of dish, you can enhance the flavors and make it dance on your guest’s tastebuds!

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