Spring 2017 Fashion Wishlist

Friday, February 24, 2017

Okay. Ignore storm Doris. But recently the weather has been dropping hints that spring may well be on it's way and with that I start thinking of new clothes. Now most of my money goes on Edith. I find it hard to resist buying clothes for her but you know that sometimes you've just got to treat yourself.

So I thought that I would put together a Spring Wishlist. I have already bought a couple of pieces because they're too pretty not too but there's still a lot I'm lusting after. Some bits of from places I don't usually shop at but I've found that my usual go to shops don't have much that I like at the minute.

It's hard when the seasons change but I've still managed to create a list of lust worthy clothes!

Spring Wishlist

I adore denim. It has to be one of my go to fabrics. You just can't go wrong. This tunic dress is perfect for layering up. You could pop knitwear underneath if it's cold or just a tshirt for warmer spring days.

This top could go underneath the denim dress. What's not to love? It's a cactus and you know how much bloggers love cacti! 

This dress. My face looks like the heart eyes emoji! It's so gorgeous. I need it in my life. I've never shopped at Zara before, it's never really been a go to shop, but this season. I may end up spending a fortune in there! 

I love the embroidered trend and this is beautiful. It's oversized too. Which is perfect for me! This shirt is pretty much everything I look for in a shirt! 

I adore these and I think that ankle boots are perfect all year. They can look great teamed with a dress. These ones cut at the perfect height which makes them just perfect for Spring. 

Spring Wishlist

ASDA are killing it with their clothes at the minute. There are so many pieces I love and need in my wardrobe. I got this shirt for my birthday along with this one and this one. I'm glad I got them when I did as they've now sold out of the smaller sizes. 

It's blush pink! I've gone from hating pink to really loving it recently! Maybe it's since having Edith. This jumper is a beauty! 

Oh this dress! I love it so much. I need it in my life. It looks so flattering and of course it's embroidered. Are you noticing a theme here? It's not badly priced either!

I'm in need of a denim update. Mine are starting to lose their shape and keep falling down. These are so pretty. I still like the ripped look and I always favour lighter denim in Spring. 

I love this but I'm not sure if it would look to "mumsy". I adore denim skirts and I think it could look nice. It's one to try on I think!

Which is your favourite piece? 

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