Weekly Meal Plan #32

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Monday! And happy first wedding anniversary to my husband and I. We've been married a year but scarily happy 8 years together. My husband pointed out that we've been together for a third of my life. That's a little bit scary. Anyway we popped out for breakfast yesterday morning baby free, thanks Mum, to celebrate. And tonight well, we're going to sit and watch The Walking Dead in our wedding outfits, because we are cool like that haha!

Anyway you're not here for chitchat your're here for meal plans and last week Kirsty had rather a lot join up, 21 in fact. That's pretty darn amazing, hoping it can be beaten this week. I loved the look of Simply Cornish's Chicken Continental. 

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Hijacked By Twins

On to our meal plan and weekly shop. We shopped at Tesco as it was easiest and it came to a grand total of £34.30. Eeek £4 over. Next week we will be under budget! We did need a couple of sotre cupboard bits which always bumps things up.

As always you can subscribe to my newsletter (which I will send out this week, last week was hectic!) and for all the inspiration behind our meals head over to my Pinterest board.

This week we're eating:

Steak & Skinny Texas Cheese Fries (they are the best thing ever!)

Hawaiian Pitta Pizzas with Roast Veg Couscous

Roast Dinner

Chicken & Veg Fried Rice

Crispy Fish with Sweet Chilli Noodles 

What's on your menu this week?

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  1. Texas cheese fries I need to know more 😀 It all sounds lovely #mealplanningmonday


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