From Venue To Vows: Creating A Unique Vibe At Your Wedding

Friday, March 03, 2017

In years gone by, most couples stuck to a wedding blueprint, but today, most of us are eager to go our own way and plan a unique celebration. Traditional weddings are still very popular, but there’s so much scope to do something different now. If you’re eager to create a unique vibe at your wedding, here are some tips to bear in mind.

Finding a venue
This is perhaps the biggest job of the entire wedding planning process, so it’s no wonder that most couples breathe a sigh of relief once a deposit is paid, and the date confirmed. If you’re looking for a venue with a difference, think outside the box. Reflect on where you like to spend time, and what you like to do together as a couple. Do you love fine dining, do you spend all your spare time outdoors or are you mad music fans? There are virtually no limits when it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding these days. There may be legal restrictions, but you can always organise a separate ceremony and reception if the location you choose doesn’t have a license.

Planning your ceremony

Many couples choose to follow a church service or a civil ceremony template, but there’s nothing stopping you putting your own stamp on your ceremony. You can choose music that means something to you, write your own vows and get the people who mean the most to you involved.

Putting your bridal party look together

If you’re keen to break the mould and make your bridal party stand out from the crowd, start searching for ideas and inspiration and put a mood board together. When you’ve decided what style of dress you want and how you want to accessorize, you can turn your attention to your bridal party. If you’re thinking of a bridal look based on classic French engagement rings, vintage lace and simple pearls, you probably don’t want to go for avant-garde bridesmaids dresses. If you’re going for something based on statement jewels and a retro 60’s style gown, you may be looking at bold colours or eye-catching shapes for your bridal party. Try some dresses on, and think about how they work with your theme and your look.

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There’s no better way to make your wedding different from everybody else’s than personalisation. You can add your names to signs and stationery, write your guests a note to go with their favours, and choose table names based on places you’ve been, foods you love or your favourite bands. Sites like Pinterest have some fabulous ideas that will work for any kind of ceremony.

When you think of weddings, certain traditions spring to mind. Even if you’re keen to preserve those traditions, it’s good to make sure that your wedding day is all about you. You want your guests to notice minor details that make your wedding unique and remark that your day is ‘so you.’ Add individual touches, and adapt the classic concepts to make them your own.

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