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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Most girls go their whole lives daydreaming about their wedding day. Big, Cinderella dresses with layers of lace and silk paired with beautiful teardrop bouquets. We even dream about the glass slippers to complete the outfit! The day itself will never have any hitches and will always take place in the prettiest church with bells and a steeple.

While the wedding we dream about normally happens indoors, there are some girls out there who daydream about a wedding under the warmth of the sun, with sand between their toes. A wedding outside is always one that risks the elements, but if you’re heading abroad for your wedding and getting married on a sandy beach, you usually don’t have to worry about that! Outdoor weddings are romantic and there’s nothing like feeling the sun glowing on your face while you say your vows to the person you love the most. It can come with some issues though, but you can truly shine on your day with these outdoor wedding tips:

  • Comfort is Key: Going for an outdoor wedding means checking the weather on a regular basis. You need to make sure that your guests won’t be caught in a storm. If it’s going to be a scorcher, melting guests do not compliment a beautiful, happy day. Instead of offering just an order of service booklet, why not have ushers give bottles of iced water as well? For marquee weddings, you can hire large fans to keep everyone cool. Similarly, if you are expecting cold weather, offer blankets or hire heaters. Plan for windy weather in advance by having a weighted marquee on standby. This won’t work for wet weather as though the guests can be sheltered; the mud underfoot can get soggy which will not do.

  • Get Up, Stand Up: Generally, for outdoor weddings, catering doesn’t come in the form of a sit-down meal. You can tailor the perfect wedding menu by consulting Diamond Blue wedding catering so that your meal will be spot on for the weather and your tastes. Catering that offers a buffet option is always easy for outdoor weddings as it gives everyone a chance to mingle while they dine. You could offer a dessert table within a marquee that has some gorgeously made cakes and trifles alongside your wedding savoury options.

  • It’s A Bug’s Life: Outdoor weddings are an invitation for evening bugs. When the weather is warm, they’re drawn to the light and the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is fly swat every five seconds. Hanging discreet bug zappers and lemon candles around the edge of the wedding area can ward off those flying beasts, making your summer evening light on insects.

Your wedding reception has to be beautiful and by ensuring you have contingency plans every which way, that is precisely what you’ll get. The guests having a good time makes a great reception and your ceremony under the sunshine will be stunning with the right décor. Natural beauty outdoors is always more breath-taking than the stoic beauty of a church or listed building. Embrace the great outdoors for your perfect ceremony.

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