What Edith Wore #4 & 17 Month Update

Friday, March 17, 2017

These updates are getting later and later and I do keep wondering if I should just go to every 3 months but she seems to change so much in a month and I want to document that. I already love to read back through her updates from when she was a tiny baby. 

It's been a really great month and we have definitely seen her grow up and awful lot. We are full on toddler now and not baby anymore. (Well she's always my baby!). 

We were fortunate enough to receive this beautiful jumper dress for Ted Wears Organic. This dress is perfect for Edith's personality. She definitely isn't a pretty pink princess, this girl has serious style! The jumper dress is made from beautiful organic cotton and fits Edith perfectly. There is nothing worse than ill fitting clothes on children. They are a struggle to get on and off and Edith needs clothes that she can run around in, this girl does not keep still. Even if I try to bribe her with chocolate!


We've had a really good month. Minimal wake ups and most days she sleeps until 5:30/6. Naps tend to be a solid 2 hours too, which is pretty amazing!


Edith is still having her "mitch" and is not ready to give up anytime soon. As for food she can eat loads one day and not touch much the next. We're just letting her take the lead on it, and offering her a selection of food. Cheese and "na-nas" are her favourite foods right now. 


I've still not had Edith weighed in a long time but I'm not worried about her. She's still very tall for age and compared to other children her age is way above them. We're back into size 5 nappies and 18-24 months is sneaking in a lot more!


Walking a lot more confidently outside.

Spinning around in circles until she falls over.

Saying: "I did it" "Where you go" "Blueberries" "Peeta - Peeta Boo" (Peek-a- Boo)

We got her first lot of books from the library.

Eating things properly, biting bits off instead of shoving the whole thing in. 

Edith Loves

Taking all the cushions off the sofa to wrestle her Daddy.

Her small character toys, she loves to line them up. 

Hey Dugee is still a huge love, as are the Twirlywoos.

Her hide and seek game has been upgraded and she now hides under cupboard doors.

Bath time.

Filling up buckets, watering cans of water in the garden and making "duddles". (Puddles)

"Na-Nas" which is bananas and strawberries and sometimes grapes too.

Edith Hates

Daddy going to work.

"Piders" - even though she's only ever seen one. 

Happy 17 Months!

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