5 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

If you're struggling to get to sleep at night carry on reading. I'm sharing my 5 top tips on a better nights sleep without the use of sleeping pills or anything drastic.

I'm pretty fortunate that I don't, very often, struggle to get to sleep. Sleep is something I am good at haha! But every now and then it can take me a little while to wind myself down and I follow these tips and they've not failed me once.

1. Keep your bedroom your bedroom.

If you can don't use your bedroom for anything else other than sleeping and dressing. Keep TV's out of the room, find an office space elsewhere and chill out on the sofa. Keeping your room clutter free and tidy really helps too. It's so nice knowing that the room is clean when you get into bed. Also regularly changing your bed sheets, I mean who can beat the smell of fresh linen?

Having a place you love to be in makes all the difference too. Get yourself over to Pinterest and find some inspiration for your room. Even if it's just putting up some prints, a new light shade or bedside table it can make all the difference. 

5 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

2. Stop the snoring next to you.

If you or your partner snores you might want a way to stop it that isn't too drastic. My husband loves a good snore, I not so much. We've been trialing The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. In all honesty I think it might have eased the snoring a little but most nights I'm fast asleep anyway. 79% of people claimed that they were less irritated with their partner since they had been using the product, so surely it's worth a try if you or your partner snores.  

3. Stay away from your phone.

A tricky one I know but I try my hardest not to look at my phone as soon as the light goes off. I know some people recommend not looking at "blue light" an hour before bed but I've got a Instagram feed to scroll through haha! But try not to use your phone if you're struggling with your sleep. It can really help. 

4. Keep to a consistent routine.

As a parent you read so many things telling you how important routine is for your baby but it's just as important for adults too. Sticking to regular routine is great for your mind. You know exactly what you're doing and your body can wind down ready for bed. We stick to a similar time each night, to be honest by then we're pretty much asleep anyway! 

5 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

5. Let out stress & worry. 

I am a huge worrier. I always have been. But if you're worried so much you can't sleep you need t let it out. Either by speaking to somebody or jotting everything down before bed. I tend to have a 5 minute think when I get in bed. In this 5 minutes I think of all the things I could of done, think things I'm not doing right and what's on the cards for the next day. After that 5 minutes I let it go and go to sleep. It works really well for me.

I hope these tips are useful. I know a lot of people also recommend pillow sprays but it's not something I've tried myself. There's lots more tips here if you're still struggling. 

I'd love to know your top tips or are you an exhausted parent too?

* This post was written in collaboration * 

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  1. Definitely need to sort out the snoring next to me. Great post.

  2. Yes, they are helpful. I'm a single mum, so I guess that's a silver lining when it comes to a snorer! But, I've certainly dealt with one before! I'm a worrier, though I'm getting better at not keeping myself awake with it. A calming bedroom, with no TV really helps me. x


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