9 Facts on What It's Really Like to Breastfeed a Toddler.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

9 Facts On What It's Really Like To Breastfeed A Toddler

9 Facts On What It's Really Like To Breastfeed A Toddler

Oh how we love to talk about breastfeeding and considering it's been a huge part of mine and Edith's life you would have thought that I would have talked about more than I  have. I wrote a post on our breastfeeding journey and a post about expressing. But I've not really updated it since.

I have been breastfeeding Edith her whole life. She's now 19 months old and she shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Of course other people like to share their opinion on the matter and tell me that she's getting a little bit too old to still have breast milk. I brush it off most of the time because in all honesty I just don't care what people think. It's my body and my baby so I can make all the decisions but I thought I would give you an insight on what it's like to actually breastfeed a demanding toddler. Before I start properly I'm going to do a little disclaimer which I hate that we have to do. However you have fed/feed/will feed your baby is your choice. No one else and you should not be made to feel bad. However I feel that breastfeeding is best for us and that's what I chose. Fed is always best.

9 Facts On What It's Really Like To Breastfeed A Toddler

So here's 9 facts about what it's like to breastfeed a toddler:

1. It's all self service.
Edith likes to help herself to milk when she can especially if I'm wearing a loose top. Of course it's not like that all the time, when we are out she's never as interested in milk but at home, she likes to just help herself.

2. Positions.
Gone are the day of the cradle hold. Now I'm lucky if she sits still. Sometimes she likes to move still attached which is great fun! (NOT) She sometimes like to try and stand up while attached too.

9 Facts On What It's Really Like To Breastfeed A Toddler

3. Poke, pinch, scratch.
If she is sitting still she then loves to poke spots on my face, scratch and pinch under my arms and just fidget as much as possible. I loose count of how many times I tell her no and move her hand back. Oh and you probably will get bitten and yeah it really really hurts.

4. It might be called names.
Edith says "Mitch" when she wants milk. I now some toddlers say boob or things along that line. Edith's stuck with Mitch. It's just how she says milk but we think it's pretty adorable.

5. Clothing.
I still can't wear some of my clothes. I'm still layering my tops up and making sure Edith has easy access. I have ditched nursing bras because mine had had it. Next time I'm going to invest in really pretty ones!

6. Toys
I've lost count of the amount of Edith's toys I have fed. Of course they need "Mitch" too.

9 Facts On What It's Really Like To Breastfeed A Toddler

7. Snot & Dribble
You know how toddlers snot is like elastic and sticks everywhere, your boob is no exception. Have a baby wipe handy at all times! And don't forget the dribble too. 

8. Bond.
Edith and I have such an incredible bond. When she's upset or unwell I know I can soothe her instantly and make her feel better. It's pretty special and I know I can soothe her other ways but it's still so lovely to have if she's unsettled.

9. Health.
There are still health benefits too. It can reduce the risk of illnesses and shorter duration of illness. My milk still has lots of antibodies and vitamins which makes me feel better if she's had a Happy Meal!

I'm hoping that this summer I can gradually wean her off but at the minute she's happy, I'm happy and it's hurting no one. So the answer to "Isn't she a bit old for that?" is no. It's my body, her body and no one else. If you don't like it don't look. Simple as. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Did you breastfeed? How long did you feed for?

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  1. Great post. I'm almost 8 months in and whilst I have started giving him some formula to give my boobs a break, he is still obsessed with mummy's boobs! I only fed my oldest until 6 months so it's very different feeding a baby who has 6 teeth (ouch). I adore our bond though although it can be a bit overwhelming at times!

  2. Do you feel 5 is too old? I had an ex in law who had no problem with it- in public either, but the child was in kindergarten. Do you think you'll just wait until she makes up her own mind? I bottle fed-I know..but I didn't feel comfortable..I let my youngest decide when he was done with the buh buh-and diapers. No one was hurt and he turned out fine! He was 4. He was potty trained but still liked diapers in public, not pull-ups. He usually wore nothing at home! Memories I'll have forever! No cavities, he has nice full lips and was getting braces regardless, like all my kids-if needed.

  3. Lovely post. I breastfed for 15 months. Was the best experience. Yes at times I wanted to rip my mastitis boobs off my body but it was amazing the bond we had. I really miss the days of snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and breastfeeding Vi..your post makes me wants another baby!!!! Xxx


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