My Top 5 Products For Busy (and sleep deprived) Mums

Friday, May 12, 2017

My Top 5 Products For Busy Sleep Deprived Mums

A huge disclaimer, although a rather obvious one. I am not a beauty blogger. I am a Mama, in a hurry, who wants to look half decent even after a rubbish nights sleep. These are 5 great products that I've found work for me and I just couldn't keep them a secret.  The best things about these products is that they are all pretty affordable which is perfect if your on maternity leave (or self employed!).

Here goes with my 5 top products:

Foundation - Lancome Teint Idole 24hr 

I first used this foundation for our wedding. And I've fallen in love. It's got great coverage, essential for sleep deprived Mamas. You don't need to use an awful lot which is great if you're a cheapskate like me. I didn't used to spend much money on make up but oh it's so worth investing in a good foundation. I need to pick up another bottle as mine is bare bones!

Mascara - Essence Falsa Lash Effect Mascara Princess

The best mascara hands down and the best thing about it (other than the fact it makes my stubby eyelashes look long and luscious) is that it costs just over £3.00. Bargain! I'm also sure that it's vegan friendly! No animal testing at all. It's great that a product so affordable is ethical too.

Conditioner - Amphora Aromatics Rosemary, Sage & Burdock Lift & Repair*

I'm the biggest fan of conditioner. My hair is always knotty especially if I've not been bothered to had time to brush it properly. So an indulgent conditioner and one that works is pretty darn essential for my birds nest. This one smells amazing and makes my hair super smooth. 

Face Mask - Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask

I used to be an avid face mask fan. I would have a new one on the go every week with my long leisurely baths. Now a days it's a quick shower and I cram a face mask in when I can remember. I normally pop one on when Edith's in the bath. This one is perfect for my oily, spot prone skin. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not stripped with is great because skincare for oily skin can be so harsh. This is great and really affordable too. I hugely recommend this!

Skincare - Amphora Aromatics Frankincense & Rose Face Gel, Face Toner and Face Cream*

I'm officially a grown up! I have an establish skincare routine now a days. I've used this since early March and it's so good for my skin. I used to be a cheapskate with skincare but it's worth investing and worth investing in something that works for you. This really does and if I'm naughty and use a baby wipe instead, my skin hates me for it. It craves this skin care routine and it smells oh so good too.

I hope you find some of these suggestions useful. Like I said I'm no expert but these products work really well for me.

* Products marked with an * were gifted to me. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you to brands who continue to support Little Paper Swans. *

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