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Thursday, June 01, 2017

In just over a week my Phone Photography E-Course starts up again. I'm planning on running this course once a month for the forseeable future. I've put together a two week course that is well paced but still keeps you busy and challenges what you know about Phone Photography. I thought that I'd share some of the incredible photographs that some of the students from May's course, this is just a small handful and you can see lots more under the hashtag #LPSECOURSE on Instagram. I'm going to share what they've learnt too. I'm so proud of every student and how they've improved their photography and how some have found there "style".

All of these comments were left on the end of course survey so all are anonymous.

" Cathryn's course was detailed, fun and organised well. We learnt in bitesize chunks over the course of 2 weeks - not too overwhelming and a perfect pace for improvement. I can already see a huge difference in my photos and I'm going to continue to use my workbook & the tools she's given me to become a better photographer! "

" Thanks so much Cathryn for running this course. Everything was well thought out and clearly explained. I have learnt so much about phone photography and social media and have come away feeling so inspired. The community part of the course was something I didn't think about before but I found it so useful and supportive. I couldn't recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to brush up on their phone photography either for their business or personal use. Thank you! "

" I found the course really good in helping me narrow down on my style. I picked up a some fab tips especially for taking flatlays. I feel like we've made a little community. "

These comments make me do a little happy dance. I can't believe that this course is having such a positive effect. I'm enjoying teaching so much, which is something I thought I would never say haha,  but the community that has been created around this course has been amazing and teaching is so uplifting and empowering others is such a great feeling.

To sign up to hear more info about this course, starting on June 12th and for a sample of the course work book click here.

Also please head over to the gorgeous accounts I've mentioned above and share some love!

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