A Trip To: Southwold Beach

Monday, June 05, 2017

Last Thursday we set out early on a little adventure to Southwold. It's only a 26 minute drive away but it's so beautiful. Southwold is somewhere we went growing up and I have such fond memories. The pier is so amazing. Full of old arcades, a fountain and all alongside the pier is little plaques dedicated to loved ones or remembering fun seaside days. It's such a perfect place to visit or even take a weekend trip away too. From small cottages to large houses to rent uk, there's plenty of places to stay and it's packed full of things to do.

We hadn't taken Edith before and she adores the beach so we had to take her. She made herself comfy and laid down in the sand, picking up stones before chasing me into the sea and then running back out before our toes got wet. We walked along the pastel beach huts and tried to coax her away so we could explore the pier. 

As you turn round the corner there's beautiful artwork on the walls, it's a mural dedicated to George Orwell, who spent some of his days in Southwold. We walked along the pier, trying to get Edith to walk without popping her head into every open door was tricky, until we found the retro arcade games. Edith loved the dog, or "dogodog" as they are fondly known in our house. We then wandered down the bottom of the pier where you get such a beautiful view of the town. Along the top of the beach beautiful red poppies and daisies had grown and with the sea in the background my heart skipped with joy. Such a beautiful sight and perfect for a photograph, or two, or ten.

We then walked into the down. We walked past pretty pastel houses and so many beautiful buildings, similar to the beautiful houses on http://www.partyhouses.co.uk/. We popped into a couple of charity shops to see what they had and then walked back along the promenade and too the beach hut that sells ice cream. As it's Edith favourite food right now. 

We had such a beautiful morning and Edith slept on the journey home which made our drive that little bit more perfect, through the windy roads of the countryside. I can't wait for more trips like this, it's what summer days are all about, exploring places with our little family. 

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  1. What a gorgeous day you picked. Those photos are stunning and it looks like a beautiful place to go. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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