The Photography Series: How I Edit My Photographs For Instagram.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

If you follow me on Twitter, which you definitely should. You will have seen my tweet about starting a photography series on my blog. It's been a long time coming, especially after my Phone Photography course. I often get a DM's asking me about things to do with photography so I thought it was about time that I put all the answers on my blog. I'm going to go over how I edit photographs, how I take photographs, questions about equipment and anything else that springs up along the way. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you would like me to cover.

Today's blog post is all about how I edit my photographs for Instagram. I take half of my IG photographs on my iPhone SE and the rest is either on my Nikon D750 or my Canon 600D.

More recently my editing style has changed slightly and I now send my photographs over to my computer and then load them into Lightroom, which you can get for around £8 a month. I use the tools on this to brighten shadows and then I apply a Rooke & Rover preset. This helps me to keep a consistent look to my photographs. I then send it back to my phone and begin editing on my phone.

First of all open VSCO and import the photograph you want to edit. You do this by clicking on the +. Select the image and then touch the ✓. Select your image, this will place a box around the image. You'll then need to click on the sliders symbol at the bottom. The second symbol in. It will then bring up all of the filters. Now I have one go to filter. HB1. I use it on every image. I love how it brings out the white tones and the effect it has but you need to pick your own filter. Work your way through them and decide what works best for you.

Once I've picked my filter I then alter the strength. You do this by clicking the filter button again. Most of the time I have the strength between 8 and 9. Once I'm happy with the filter I do the rest of the editing in Instagram. However if you click the ▴ at the bottom and click the slider symbol you can make image adjustments on here too.  Exposure, highlights, shadows, warmth etc. I definitely recommend having a play around with these. Dedicate a spare 30 minutes on really getting to grips with these features.

 Once you are happy you then need to save your image. You do this by clicking the ▴ again and then click the white tick. Then click the 3 dots at the bottom of the page. Click save to camera roll and then Actual Size (----x----) this then saves your image to the camera roll which you can then open in Instagram. Of course if you don't plan to upload it to Instagram you can just leave it at that.  
Once in Instagram I got to upload my photo by clicking the box with the cross in the middle. I then click library and the first image will be the photo I've just saved from VSCO. I then select that image and start editing. 

I personally do not use any filters from Instagram and I'd advise you not too. They can't be pretty harsh and take the focus anyway from the image. Instead I click on edit.  

First of all I change the warmth of the image. I like to have a cool tone to my images so I take the warmth down to around -20. Of course if my image already looks cold I may add a little warmth in but I like to keep my images cool toned. I then head to brightness. Depending on the lighting I normally up brightness to around 25. I then head to highlights and up that by 10. And finally to lux. The sunshine at the top. I take that to around 15/20. 

And that's my image ready to go.

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