my week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

my week

Saturday - Went out Saturday night with my best friends who came back from uni! It was a great night being with everyone.
Sunday - Mr Swan's 21st Birthday! , Mama Swan made another homemade cake and we went to watch the muppets which was great fun! Then came home to a massive takeaway! Yum.
Monday - Dr's appointment, boring and rubbish day to be honest, not really worth mentioning.
Tuesday - Back at uni, had lunch at Frankie and Benny's with the uni girls!
Wednesday - Been struck down with the worst cold! Spent the day lazing around.
Thursday - Spent the day with a box of tissues and catching up on other blogs.
Friday - Still ill, but me and Mr Swan popped into town to open a joint account for saving for our wedding.

Apart from birthday celebrations what a boring and dull week! I promise next week's will be more exciting. I have LFWEnd coming up next Saturday and I might be popping down to London this Monday if I can :)

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