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Friday, February 24, 2012

To be honest my week was rather boring! I've been ill for the majority of it. Which sucks.

  • I watched some of the shows from LFW online, it was great to see them but I wish I could have been there.
  • Got on with some uni work, using my special little notebook.
  • Pancake day! Hooray! I had a traditional lemon and sugar followed by a chocolate Philadelphia and ice cream.
  • I finally mastered the fishtail plait/braid. I love it sooooo much!
  • New haircut. At last, the ends were so dry and brittle my hair needed a good trim.
  • A bit of my dress for tomorrow! I head down to London for LFWEnd. I'm so excited! Expect to see that post up on Sunday!
  • I decided that tomorrow's post will be "on the town for around £20" it will go up late, probably 9/10 ish instead! Sorry for the delay but I won't be able to upload till them
  • My nails for tomorrow!
  • I told you I had a boring week! I did think about not posting but it didn't seem right.

P.S If you want to be involved with independent tuesdays! please contact me :)

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