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Monday, March 05, 2012

Elbow Patches and New Buttons

I've noticed that a lot of the shops at the minute have cardigans with elbow patches on them, which retail for around £12 - £15. Which is far too expensive in my eyes! So I took it upon myself you make my own.

Here's how I made it:

Step One - Find an old cardigan that needs some TLC.
Step Two - Find a contrasting fabric. Cut an oval shaped template out of paper and pin this to your chosen fabric.
Step Three - I cut off the buttons on an old shirt to put on my new cardi.
Step Four - Cut out two matching elbow patches.
Step Five - Pin the elbow patches to your cardigan, you might have to play around with where you want them. (It took me sometime to decide!)
Step Six - Cut the old buttons of your cardigan and put them in a button box (everyone should have a spare button box!)
Step Seven - Sew your fabric patch onto the arm your cardigan. You can use any colour thread you like. I chose a blue to compliment the colours in the fabric!
Step Eight - Sew on the the other patch too!
Step Nine - Sew the new buttons on your cardigan. (Google sewing on buttons if you are unsure of how to do this!)
Step Ten - Put on your cardigan and admire your handy work!

I love mine! It will have a great place in my wardrobe.

So get creative!

P.S The reason for no outfit post it due to the fact I looked like a drowned rat due to the sheer amount of rain the East of England had today! So I decided to post this instead!  

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