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Sunday, March 04, 2012

denim shirt, pink top - charity shop, skirt - primark (ebay), necklace - primark, leggings - george at ASDA, boots - necklace

Total Outfit Price: £15.50

I went to to the cinema to see War Horse, it was amazing go see it if you haven't! I wore this little outfit. Today's weather is just miserable! I want it to be warm and sunny so I can go out and do some amazing photographs.

At uni tomorrow, discussing ideas for my new project. Which is mega exciting.

Painted my nails with Nail Inc jermyn street and white polka dots. I used a hair grip bent straight and created the polka dots. It takes some getting used to and you can't have a shaky hand. I think they look alright though.

Not much else to say really!

Lots of love.

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  1. Love your nails, a great shade! The whole outfit is cute! What lipstick do you use, I may have to buy it :D



    1. Thank you :) I brought it from a shop near to where I live. They have an online shop, but it's not on there! :( But go and look at thwebsite you might find something simillar!




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