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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This weeks independent tuesdays is from the beautiful retro brand Sally Sweetlove.

I asked Sally Sweetlove the usual five questions!

Describe Sally Sweetlove in 3 words. 
 Feminine wearable retro

How did you become interested in fashion? 
 I can't remember a time when I wasn't ! From wanting to dress like the 1940s and 1950s stars from the films I watched with my Nanna as a little girl and making clothes for my Sindy dolls there's not a time when clothes and fashion haven't been important to me. The first thing I made was in Primary School - it was a red corduroy bib skirt, I wore it until it went bald I loved it so much . I have never wanted to conform, making my own clothes has always allowed me to do that .

Why did you decide to set Sally Sweetlove up and how did you do it?
I wear Retro every day , and people are always asking where I get my clothes from and when I tell them I make them the question is always the same " Will you make something for me ?" In the end I gave in ! My good friends have also been instrumental in persuading me to set it up .

What words of advice would you give to anyone wanting to set up their own fashion brand? 
 Love what you do , keep it wearable ( I don't make anything I don't have a version of myself) . Don't just like your garments, love them.

Where do you see Sally Sweetlove going in the next 5 years/ what plans do you have for the future? 
 Its very early days for us . I want to see the brand consolidate and get a solid customer base who will return because they love the wearability, simplicity and individuality of the styles.

I LOVE beautiful prints and retro style and Sally Sweetlove perfects this. Sally Sweetlove's bandannas are amazing! There are also some beautiful tops and dresses. Be sure to take a look. They are the perfect thing for summer and will go with everything! I know what I want to be wearing this summer.

Now go and show some support for Sally Sweetlove by heading over to the Facebook Page or Etsy Page.

There won't be an independent tuesdays! post next week as I will be at Norwich Fashion Week!
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