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Saturday, March 03, 2012

dress, shoes - notting hill (everythings £5), stockings - charity shop, belt - poundland, necklace - avon

Total Outfit Price: £16.12

Today's on the town for around £20 was meant for last week but due to train delays I got home a lot later than I had planned. So I saved it for today instead.

I love this dress. Perfect for going out or dressed down with cardigan and chunky tights! I love the necklace so much, I got it from Avon. When I was little (I still am!) I had an obsession with rabbits (I still do!) so this rabbit necklace seemed perfect!

I have to explain the 12p. I got the stockings 4 for 50p from a charity shop which makes them 12.5p each! What a bargain!

I hope this inspires you for your night out tonight if your going out! If not have a great night in.

I'm planning on staying in catching up on all my magazines!

2 Replies


  1. Wow, I like this Frock. It is very conferrable, And its necklace is a very nice as compare to the other necklace. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This dress is gorgeous! I can't believe it was £5 so cheap, the belt matches perfectly.



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