London Fashion Week #2

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bora Aksu S/S13

As soon as the invitation fell through my letterbox I knew that I was in for a treat. The invite bore a petal crown and I already wished for summer. Bora Aksu was my second show of the day and I already had a taste for beautiful made clothes.

The collection was inspired by Queens, Opulence and silhouettes with a regal status. Each model wore a crown upon their heads, the must have accessory for S/S13 maybe, and each piece of clothing oozed sophistication and lady like glamour. From the shows that I saw S/S13 is about glamour, like that of a women from the 1920's/30's.

Low waists and sheer layering all in delicious ice cream pastel colours. There was not a neon in site (thank the lord!). My favourite thing about the show was the amazing details and in particular the beautiful collars. Something that will defiantly be sticking around. The colour palette was beautiful and summed up a glorious Great Gatsby inspired summer. "Refreshing blues, dove greys and delicate whites" were definitely on show.

The lines of the clothes were soft and loose fitting, gone are the days of body con (yay!). Expect sheer loose fitting dresses, shirts, skirts and jackets. The soft tailoring was inspiring, layering sheer over sheer and combining just one key colour.

As much as I love Winter, I am rather looking forward to next summer, lets hope the high street interpret the trends so we don't have to fork out a few thousand!

There's a few more fashion week posts coming, so keep and eye out for those!
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  1. You got great photos darling! Im following you now, again great to meet you :)


  2. Wow im super jealous of you being at the shows! great images though! I hope to be there next year!


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