Things I've found and thrifted #2

Thursday, May 08, 2014

A quick round up post of some things I've found recently. On Sunday we woke up extra early to head to a different carboot. It wasn't as good as our normal one and I've learnt my lesson that you should stick to what you know. I left empty handed but it was still a nice morning out.

I picked one of the dresses from our local carboot a couple of weeks back for 50p. The other one I got from the charity shop my mum volunteers at for £3. The headscarf was also from there for a tiny 50p.

I picked up this shirt that I wear as a kimono, from another charity shop on Saturday for £2.

The two ties are for the Mr. Very soon he'll be needing them when he starts teaching training. We've been collecting them for a while. I love the polka dot one and the duck tie is rather quirky.

Finally I picked up this herb planters. There's nothing better than fresh herbs. These were on offer in B&M bargains for just £2.99. I had to have them.

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  1. love the hat!

  2. You found some lovely things! I think I need to get to B&M Bargains to pick up the herb planters...


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