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Friday, April 10, 2015

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Ever since we moved in together, which is almost two years ago (that's crazy!), we have budgeted our weekly shop at £20 a week. There are times when we go over and I have once done it for £14.50 but on average we stay under or on budget. A lot people have asked how I do it so I thought it was about time I shared that with you by showing you our weekly shop and meal plan. 

Now I will say we don't buy cleaning products or toiletries on our weekly shop. I normally pick those up during the week as and when we need them. I also stick to a list and spend probably an hour every Sunday night planning our meals for the week. So it does take a little bit of time and organisation to get everything in order but it's worth it. 

This weeks shop was at Aldi which is cheaper and means we can get away with buying more or better quality, although most of the time cheaper products taste the same.

I've listed the ingredients needed for each meal. The ones in italic are things I already have in the cupboard or fridge.

This weeks main meals and ingredients are:

Tuna pasta bake - plain flour, butter, salt, pepper, tuna, pasta, milk, garlic bread
Chilli - onion, red pepper, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, stock cube, garlic, mince, salt, pepper, vinegar, chilli flakes, rice
Quesadillas (made with leftover chilli) - tortilla wraps, cheese, side salad (to serve)
Mushroom risotto - rice, mushrooms, stock cube. garlic, butter, parmesan, homade bread (to serve)
Sweetcorn & bacon fritters, with fries and veg. - milk, eggs, self raising flour, salt, pepper, sweetcorn, bacon, fries, veg 

I also buy sandwich fillings (ham, cheese, salad etc), fruit and crisps for our lunch,

The shopping:

4 pints of milk £0.89
Cola 2L (The Mr's treat) £0.39
Elderflower sparkling water £0.33
Chopped tomatoes £0.39
Tuna flakes £0.49
Kidney beans £0.23
Sweetcorn £0.35
Rich roast coffee £1.59
Mature white cheddar £1.55
Unsmoked streaky bacon £1.25
Cooked ham £1.65
British pork mince £1.89
Frozen french fries £0.59
Garlic baguette £0.34
Chestnut mushrooms £0.85
Granny smith apples £1.69
Granulated sugar £0.49
1 loose red pepper £0.55
Potato hoops £0.99
Milk chocolate digestives £0.44
Stock cubes £0.39
Soft medium white loaf £0.55
White tortilla wraps £0.75
Part baked rolls £0.45

Total Spend: £19.08

I do need to pick up and onion which is around 11p and a bag of salad or salad vegetables which will cost £1, as well, as the ones in Aldi weren't too appealing. 

And that's this weeks shop. I might get into the habit of sharing my shop with you if it's something you like reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. I try and keep my shop on average below £15 a week (I live on my own), and I probably do that - there's normally a week where I go over, and a few weeks where I just top up milk, salad and green stuff! I'm moving in with my boyfriend over summer and it's my plan to keep us under £25 (he eats a LOT) a week.

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing, there are some good meal ideas!

  3. Would love to see more posts like this! I've just moved in with my boyfriend and my food bills have rocketed! Trying to get them back under control, so really impressed at how you're doing!


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