[Baby] 36 Week Update

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Wow, the last month is finally here. The one that everyone has told me lasts longer than the whole pregnancy. Thanks for that! It's hard to believe that if baby is on time, and we really hope she is, this time next month we could be holding her in our arms. That's makes me feel a bit emotional and even more impatient to meet her. 

The last month has been a lot harder physically. My bump has grown even bigger putting pressure on just about everything and baby loves to headbutt and stretch out which results in me going "ooooh" as she pushes her self down to get ready for birth. 

Touch wood, I still don't have stretch marks even though my bump is growing by the day but it can all happen in the last few days, I don't really mind if they do appear. Sleeping is becoming more of an issue as it's difficult to get comfortable. I've added more pillows and cushions and it's helping for the time being. Adding the pillows has also been helpful for my acid and heartburn, sleeping propped up helps to ease it. I'm not going to give in and take medicine as I've got this far without it.

I've had to slow down with what I'm doing as the simplest of tasks leave me feeling exhausted. On Saturday I cleaned the windows in the morning (how exciting) and the rest of the day I felt so drained. So the tasks that I've got left to do have been divided up between us or I only do 1 or 2 things a day. 

Baby girl is still measuring on the bigger side but there's no cause for concern. In all honesty both of us are from families with big babies so we didn't really expect anything different.

 Our midwife appointment this morning is all about the birth plan. I'm hoping for as natural as possible but we've decided we are not going to be too set on anything as labour can be unpredictable and not everything is going to go plan, as much as we hope it does.

Everything is ready for baby now. The nursery is all finished, we finally decided and purchased a pushchair which has arrived, we settled for a Joie Chrome travel system. I'll hopefully do a review of it once we've used it but it's a pretty colour purple and exactly what we were looking for. 

The hospital bag is all ready to go with some of the additions you guys suggested, thanks for that and I've written out a months worth of shopping lists and meal plans to make things easier for us. 

It's crazy to think that she could really come at anytime now! This could be my last monthly pregnancy update. 

And that's it, we are ready when you are baby girl. In the meantime I'll keep cleaning the house and re-arranging things! Nesting you are exhausting!

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