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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pregnancy, baby, new, mum, pbloggers, lbloggers, lifestyle, uk, blog, blogger,

pregnancy, baby, new, mum, pbloggers, lbloggers, lifestyle, uk, blog, blogger,

 It's only natural, as a blogger especially, to do a round up when something is coming to end. Usually it's a Christmas or New Year post but this one is a lot more special than that. A whole 40 weeks has passed and the end is very much in sight. In fact I'm writing this post in advance so the end could already be here and our baby girl could be in our arms. 

This pregnancy has been so precious to us and it all honesty it's been lovely. The first few weeks were filled of worry that things might not work out ok but the relief and overwhelming joy we felt after coming out of the 12 week scan and breaking the news to our friends and family was such a lovely moment of celebration.

I was lucky that I didn't suffer from morning sickness. I had really bad nausea around 7-10 weeks, I can remember having to stop making our dinner one night as stirring the sauce for the mac and cheese made me feel so bad. That horrible feeling passed pretty quickly. Although it did make getting up early for work difficult over that month.

The other typical pregnancy symptom I suffered with was tiredness. Working on my feet all day didn't help, it also didn't help the leg cramps that I got a lot later on, ouch! A lot of the pregnancy sites say that once you enter the second trimester you feel amazing, glowing and have bursts of energy. No. My tiredness didn't really shift until around week 22 and then came back with a vengeance around week 28, the the third trimester. 

The best weeks symptom wise were 20 - 24. The tiredness had shifted and once we found out we were having a girl everything just seemed amazing. I think finding out the gender made us bond with the baby even more knowing that my tiny bump was a real person. I know that sounds silly but until that point she had just been baby. We really didn't mind what we were having. A boy would have been just as wonderful and most people had convinced us baby was a boy. We really didn't mind as long as baby was happy and healthy.

pregnancy, baby, new, mum, pbloggers, lbloggers, lifestyle, uk, blog, blogger,

Another beautiful moment were those first kicks and selfishly the kicks that only I could feel. It was a connection that just me and the baby had and no one else would know that she was kicking away. Although in saying that, seeing the Mr's face light up when he could feel her kicks. Even now he's amazed every time and they way he gets excited by it makes my heart burst with love (ergh how emotional!)

The last few weeks have been tougher. Learning not to over do things and relax has been hard but your body just doesn't let you. I'm not the kind of person who can slob out all day but there have been a couple of days where that's what I needed to do. The "nesting"took a lot of my energy. Getting the nursery ready and doing all those jobs I'm not going to have time to do for a long while. Baby girl is so big now that when she moves it can get pretty uncomfortable and she's practicing her pushing down all the time which results in me going "ooooooh". My whole belly comes alive, especially at night and it's fun to watch her squirm around.

Pregnancy isn't all glamorous. Discharge, leaking milk, endless blood tests, lots of appointments etc. But the reason that no one really discusses that is because you'd go through that a million times over to be able to carry a tiny human being around. A lot of my friends say you miss your bump and I can see why. Although you've got a beautiful baby, your not together constantly anymore but I'm excited to share her with my family and friends. I can't wait to spend every day with her by my side. 

I've really enjoyed my pregnancy and I'm so grateful that it's been easy, I know that some women aren't as lucky. It's all felt so natural to me and we just can't wait for her to be here. 

This post has been scheduled in advance as I am currently taking two months maternity leave from blogging to be with my baby. All comments will be answered in time, thank you in advance for being patient. 

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  1. Best of luck Cathryn! :) It's been lovely following your journey and looking forward to seeing what it'll bring to to the blog in future too. Take care xx

  2. The very best of luck- this is such a special time, enjoy every moment!


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