[Baby] Edith's 3 Month Update

Thursday, December 31, 2015

3, month, old, update, baby, blog, blogger, mummy,  mum, mama, lifestyle, uk, parenting, breastfeeding, expressing

3, month, old, update, baby, blog, blogger, mummy,  mum, mama, lifestyle, uk, parenting, breastfeeding, expressing

3, month, old, update, baby, blog, blogger, mummy,  mum, mama, lifestyle, uk, parenting, breastfeeding, expressing

Wow what a busy couple of weeks it has been. First of Edith has been ill, the week before Christmas she came down with her first cold. The Mr (to-be) also caught the cold and had a nasty bout of food poisoning so it was a rather stressful week, lets just say tears were shed on everyone's behalf. Then with the mad rush of Edith's first Christmas, seeing relatives and of course eating our body weight in roast potatoes. 

Edith then caught bronchiolitis. We thought, to begin with, it was a nasty cough but after a trip to the emergency Dr's we discovered it was more than that. It has been awful, there's nothing we can give her other than Calpol and infant cough syrup. She's full of cold with a nasty chesty cough. She's trying to be her usual happy self still but we all know that being ill sucks. So as you can see it's been rather hectic, so hopefully you can understand why her 3 month update is a little late.


Edith was only waking up once in the night and then sleeping in until around 7, which was just lovely. Since she's been ill she has been up two or three times a night, which is understandable. She still goes down between 7-8:30pm, it's funny how they find their own routine. Naps during the day were getting shorter too, because she was going longer at night. Although since being ill she had gone for longer naps. On Christmas-Eve-Eve she had a 3 hour nap!


This past month has been harder with feeding. Because Edith is all congested it makes it hard for her to feed. She's also been irritable and refuses to feed even though we know that's what she wants. We comfort her and keep trying until she gives in. She's a stubborn little thing. I'm still producing a lot of milk and expressing has been going really well. I'm going to write about it because I remember looking for information about it when I was pregnant and found it really hard to find anything useful.


We gone from getting her weighed every 2 weeks to monthly as she's gaining weight so well. It was the start of December when I had her weighed last and she was 14lb 15oz so I imagine shes at least 16lb by now. Little chunk and yay for my mama milk. She's now fitting into 3-6 months which is equally exciting and heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because I'm packing away all the small sizes but exciting as she has lots of lovely 3-6 pieces.


More jabs again (boo!).

Supporting her head really well.

Starting to play with toys, by hitting her hands on them.

Her first proper chuckle. It lit up the whole room. It was gorgeous.

I've caught her a couple of times looking at her hands.

Things Edith Loves

A forehead rub, it gets her to sleep every time.

Holding on to her muslin or dress, shes love the comfort of something in her hands.

When Daddy picks her up and makes her dance.


Being nosy. She will look at people when we are out so they talk to her.

Sitting in her car seat. She used to hate it it.

Things Edith Hates


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  1. Oh no, there's nothing worse than your child being ill and not being able to help! I hope she's back to her usual self soon! :) it sounds like you're doing a fab job xx

  2. Aw, it really does break your heart when they're poorly doesn't it :( It looks like you're doing a fab job with her though! :) I love baby update posts!


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