[Baby] 5 Normal Things That No One Tells You About

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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I thought I would put together a post for first time parents. There are so many questions and I've lost count the amount of times I've googled is this normal? I will say before I get started you know your baby best and if you are unsure don't take a women off the internet's word for it, contact you health visitor, doctor, ring 111 or in an emergency 999. Better safe than sorry.

mum, mummy, blog, blogger, uk, parents, newborn, baby, lifestyle, advice,

When we got home from the hospital the day after Edith was born, the Mr (to-be) changed her nappy to find what can only be described as clear gunk all in her pieces. We'd never been told about it so we had no clue what it was and if it was normal. We gave the hospital a quick call and they reassured us it was completely normal.

Body Hiccups/Spasms
It was in the week after having Edith that she started these spasms. I know babies twitch as they are not used to all the space of the outside world but I'd never seen them this bad. The Mr (to-be) was out getting his haircut so I asked him to come back as I was worried. It almost looked like she was having some kind of fit but it only happened in her sleep and it was only her arms and legs moving. We called the midwife who again reassured us it was normal. I then went to Google (oh trusty Google what did we do without you?) and found it describe as body hiccups. I watched a couple of videos about it. Although I knew it was fine it was awful to watch. They've almost stopped happening now. She used to have them everyday, now it's only once a week if that and they don't last very long at all.

Frothy Poo
This is a relatively new one, Breast fed babies have odd poo. Baby poo is weird anyway but because breast milk is perfect for their systems, it's easy to digest, That means their poo can be more liquid and frothy too. It's only a concern if the colour changes. But always keep an eye on it.

mum, mummy, blog, blogger, uk, parents, newborn, baby, lifestyle, advice,

When Edith was around 4 or 5 weeks old she threw up an entire feed. It looked like so much. We panicked thinking something was wrong. We rang 111 (sounds so dramatic but it went on for so long and it was projectile,we were concerned) the lovely Dr put us at ease and explained it could have just been that the burp caught the milk on the way down. We were asked to check her temperature and that she was well in herself, which she was. It was scary to see but she quickly settled and fed again with no problems.

Babies have this rather annoying breathing pattern. They don't breathe like we do. Newborn babies breathe in cycles getting progressively faster and deeper, then slower and shallower. And you can always guarantee you'll look over to check on them in between breaths just to make your heart race that little bit,

They are the five things we've experienced in the first 3 months of Edith's life. I'm sure I'll have to do another one of these posts later on when I've got a new set of things to worry about!

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