[Baby] Edith's 4 Month Update

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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I'm pretty sure I start every one of these updates with I can't believe that Edith is so many months old. But really, how is my baby 4 months already, she'll be going off to university and getting married soon! This past month has flown by and she's grown up so much. Edith's personality is developing even more and shes such a character. She knows when she's being cheeky already and she saves her best smiles for those that she loves. She's also got a touch clingy to her Mama and Dad which can be exhausting but she makes everyday incredible.


What an up and down month it's been for sleep. At the start of the month she slept through the night for the first time. And the last time. She had settled for just waking up once in the night which was great. That then went to twice a night. The other night she woke every half an hour for the first 3 hours. And then twice more before we got up with her. I'm not sure why in this last week her sleep has gone the way it is. She is teething, still snuffly and had her dreaded last lot of injections, so it could be that. It also might be that she's getting hungry. We're going to give her another week to see if her sleeps settles back down before we try anything different. Her daytime naps have reduced in time. She now goes for a few 30 minute naps during the day then a longer one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon (but those don't always happen).


Edith is still exclusively breast feed and feeding has been great. She's definitely going longer between feeds and feeds less for comfort now. I'm now getting to the point when I'm wondering about introducing food. There is so much advice out there and I'm really not sure with what I should do. I don't want to introduce food too quickly if she's not ready. At the moment I think the milk is enough for her. However I will be reading up on weaning and starting to get myself prepared.


Edith's gaining weight really well and weighed 17lb 11 oz on  the 14th of January. I'll be getting her weighed around that time next month. She's put on almost 3lb since the 3rd December. We've moved up to size 4 nappies. Edith's in 3-6 months clothes still. She's really long and I should probably start measuring her! She's going to grow out of a couple of sleepsuits soon because of how long she is. I've started sorting through her 6-9 month clothes and was rather shocked to discover how little we have. I've made a start on her wardrobe but will need a lot of new pieces. Shopping for her is even more fun than shopping for myself.

baby, blog , blogger, uk, lifestyle, mum, mummy, 4, months, breastfeeding, weaning,


Her babbling has got louder and she loves a good conversation.

Pulling her thumb with her other hand. Looking at her hands a lot more.

Starting to roll. She showed no interest in rolling until the last couple of days. I left her on her playmat the other day while I made lunch, I went back to check on her and she had wiggled her way around the mat. Nothing is safe again!

Lifting her head up when she's lying down. It looks like she's doing sit ups.

She's in the next stage of the pushchair. 

Not screaming the house down every bathtime. The bath chair my sister gave us is the best invention ever!

The last lot of jabs. (Until she's 1)

Sitting up on the sofa, supported with cushions, 

baby, blog , blogger, uk, lifestyle, mum, mummy, 4, months, breastfeeding, weaning,

Things Edith Loves

A good tickle. It makes her chuckle every time.

Being told stories. 

A face massage. 

Watching TV.

Things Edith Hates


Teethers, she prefers her hand!

Happy 4 months Edith!

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  1. I may have said this before but that is one cute baby! Wait until she's crawling around, then you won't be able to turn around for two seconds! x

  2. She's so utterly gorgeous! Those blue eyes! Not even a mummy myself but loving your baby updates xx


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