Careful Considerations For Couples Having Kids At Their Wedding

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

When you’re planning a wedding, you have an important decision to make. Do you let parents bring their kids along? Before you immediately almost automatically say yes, of course the kids can come, know this. Depending on their age, having kids at your wedding will create more hassle and expense for you. So, let’s look at what you’ll need to think about inviting kids and how you can make things easier.

Food And Drink

Children will need an entirely separate menu at the reception if you choose to allow them to come along. You certainly can’t expect them to eat the full three course meal adults will be having. You might not want them to either because most of it would be left and those meals are expensive. Unfortunately, most catering services will treat a child’s menu as an extra that you’ll have to pay for. Even if it’s something simple like nuggets and chips it could add quite a lot onto your wedding bill.


How are you going to keep the kids entertained? You need to start by thinking about the music. If you want kids to stay out of the way by dancing you’re going to have to put on songs that they like. This might not be to your taste but they still need to be included in the playlist. Another option would be to have one area for the kids to go, if there are enough of them and one for adults. But this does depend on whether or not parents are happy to let their kids be alone for a few hours.

You can even hire different activities for the kids to enjoy at your wedding. For instance, you can get a child’s bouncy castle for a Wedding Hire. You can get an adult bouncy castle too but again, it’s going to cost you. Is it worth it or would you be better of telling the kids to stay home?


Just how many children would be going anyway. Too many and your wedding can quickly start to look like a kid’s disco complete with worried parents fussing over their children. Too few and it can be a little awkward. The kids that are there will be bored with very little to do. The fun part is that you won’t always know how many kids will show up until the invitations start coming back. Even then parents might change their mind and decide their kids aren’t going at all. You can cut out this issue by politely suggesting parent’s don’t bring their children.

Cut Off Age

Okay, so let’s say you do let kids come celebrate your big day. Or rather, you let parents avoid trying to desperately find a babysitter. What age is the cut off? Can all kids and babies come to the wedding or is it just five and up. Doing this you could annoy some of your guests. But at the same time you don’t want five different babies crying when you’re exchanging the vows.

So what’s the right decision here? Well it’s entirely up to you. But you do need to be aware of the extra work involved with having kids at your wedding.

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